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Open Thread Update: Best Mother’s Day

Last time we opened the threads so moms could share their best mother’s day gift. There weren’t a lot of responses (we hope because all the moms were being feted by their kids and grandkids), but the ones we got were touching.

Reader Rita C. calls her daughter Barbara “…a beautiful, smart, loving woman who makes me proud every day. She IS my Mother’s Day Gift.”

“The best Mother’s Day gift I got was a poem written by my son…”

Inez W.

Like a friend who preferred getting a plant and some mother-daughter activity (“It was wonderful for us both to get our hands dirty in the soil” she recalls) instead of jelly-bean pancakes, our respondents preferred the personal touch rather than a physical gift.  As respondent Mary L. so wisely said, “…Time is the most precious gift we have.”

“…celebrating my son’s graduation from college on a misty Mother’s Day morning in upstate New York was a gift I’ll never forget.”

Barbara K.

Covid lockdowns made the celebrations especially meaningful this year.

“… We haven’t seen each other in so long…. since COVID! What a blessing!”


Read on for more details and more heartwarming moments and sentiments, and share your story in the comments.



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7 responses to “Open Thread Update: Best Mother’s Day

  1. This year my daughter and son had to maneuver and make adjustments due to my many COVID 19 concerns , ,yet support me in new and different ways. They did and continue to do so. Their ongoing enhancements (large and small ) in my everyday living situations encouraged me to use technology and improve my technology skills. This encouragement has resulted in my increased knowledge , less frustration , and more ways for me to have fun. My improved competency with technology: A stretched Mother’s Day gift, that just keeps on giving.

  2. Out of tragedy comes love and joy. After losing my younger daughter to breast cancer, her older sister took her niece and nephew to raise. My granddaughter is now in graduate school and her brother is working. To take two young children and raise them with the love and passion as if they were yours takes a very special person and that woman is my daughter. She has done such an incredible job,pretty much at the expense of her time and energy is so remarkable. It doesn’t surprise me, because that is who she is………a beautiful, smart, loving woman who makes me proud everyday. She IS my Mother’s Day gift! Thank you , Barbara

  3. Flowers and other gestures each year are lovely, but fleeting…Though I thought the timing was awkward (and it certainly was tricky for my extended family – including grown stepkids and their families), celebrating my son’s graduation from college on a misty Mother’s Daymorning in upstate New York was a gift I’ll never forget.

  4. ONE of the best Mother’s Day gifts happened one year when my son was on the road, working on a television production. He sent flowers and said “Sorry I couldn’t be there.” My daughter-in-law invited me to join her, her sisters and her mom at brunch. I walked in, sat down and asked who the empty chair was for. That’s when my son walked in! He somehow got a little time off to fly home. They were all in on the secret.

  5. I was ecstatic when my son from Los Angeles told me he was traveling to Seattle this weekend. As a bonus, His older brother from Olympia, WA came also! We haven’t seen each other in so long…. since COVID! What a blessing!

    1. The best Mother’s Day gift I got was a poem written by my son, honoring the character and personality traits that I had that made him love and respect me. It’s still on my refrigerator door all these years later, along with another beautiful poem expressing his feelings and fears, when he left home and got his own apartment.

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