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Open Thread Update: How Are We Holding Up?

The good news is that anyone who is so over this pandemic has plenty of company, and the better news is that we’re resilient and smart enough to know when and how to recharge our batteries. Personally, reopening the gyms in NYC has been a lifesaver for me, a truly centering experience (and  helping build back my muscle tone and bone density is a real plus).

Other readers who commented mentioned training therapy dogs (cute animals and walks for the win, Sharon!), Russ is rolling with it just fine, Terri regrets cancelled trips and her underused camera, and Linda took a much needed break to rest, cleanse and recharge.  Carolyn noted for her it wasn’t the pandemic, it was the constant ‘fear factor” in political discourse;  B/D had a different view.

We’re going to leave the comments thread open, so please continue to keep us posted!

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13 responses to “Open Thread Update: How Are We Holding Up?

  1. I had been working part-time for the last 10 years. That all stopped in mid-March. Before that, I had worked full-time for 50 years! The shut-down has been challenging because I live alone and work was definitely a source of social contact for me. Also, a lot of my family live out-state.
    So I have a couple of video-chats per week with family or friends and talk on the phone also. I go out walking when weather permits. I read. I exercise and do yoga, but in that department have not had the motivation I used to have. I have to say that the lack of in-person social interaction has definitely been challenging.
    I’ve signed up for online exercise classes with Senior Planet and am very grateful that those are available!

  2. I’m blessed to live in a small town on the Oregon coast, in a county with only 55 confirmed cases in a population of almost 27,000 people, but I found myself losing patience with people who don’t wear masks around June. The warm weather did not slow the virus, and only the most selfish among us are pushing back on this most simple precaution. I volunteer, took up meditation (doesn’t work so well after too much coffee), and got my garden pretty much weed free. The outcome of the election is dragging me down, but we’ve only got a few more weeks….and the scary week after to get through.

  3. To my knowledge, although older people with other illness most at risk, anybody can get it, carry it, give it to others, this virus 19. Worse than flu for most, and the approach to tell the more healthy of society to just let 85% go back to normal, does not sound safe, for them, not especially the ones with complications, who may be out sometimes. Seems masks, distancing important until vaccines are ready, and applied.

  4. I’ve wanted to certify my fifth hospital therapy canine but didn’t have pups with the “right stuff”. As an essential worker, my son was gifted an awesome puppy by his Arizona breeder. This training is good for both of us! Daily schedule plus daily exercise – it’s a win, win!

  5. Actually I’m not too bothered b y the so called lockdown. I can still get out and do some walking (using my 4 wheel walker it is more like strolling). I still get a chance to ‘talk’ with neighbors thru my muffling mask. I like that we are all going to a ‘masked ball’. Have found that I tend to be getting lazy and not forcing myself to get out and do at least some exercise. Have attended a number of Zoom or other type of meetings which provides me with some social interaction. Do some computer research for friends or relatives who ask for help. So as you see it is possible Blessings to keep busy and active even though we are restricted.

  6. It’s not the lockdown getting to me. I’m actually enjoying not having to go places every day.
    It’s the politics getting to me. Both sides are playing up the fear factor. I have to sit back and think that my small part of the world wont actually change either way. Also, I can only do so much- phone banking, contributing funds, prayers, signs in the yard, loving, and being tolerant.

    1. Not sure what part of the planet you live in, but assuming you live in the U.S., this election, in my opinion, presents a clear choice:
      One candidate downplays the seriousness of the pandemic. In contrast, Joe Biden has a detailed plan for dealing with the pandemic.
      Also, Biden’s fact-based approach to the pandemic will, in time, help the economy and reduce unemployment.
      The actions and words of Pressident Trump have made our country more divided. A Biden-Harris Administration will provide the leadership needed to improve racial and other divisions.
      Climate change affects the U.S. and the entire world. Biden and Harris have science-based plans to address that crisis.
      The Trump Administration is a threat to our democracy. A Biden-Harris Administration will protect our democracy.

      1. I live in a very red area. I can only do what I can do. I’m voting Democratic all the way because that’s what I believe. I’m trying to be tolerant of others.

    2. I agree with you. I don’t know that there is anything I can do to make a difference with the election. I live in a reliably blue state. I have been donating funds to where I feel it may help a bit. Plus, I have not been personally inconvenienced really to the lockdown, so I cannot really complain about my situation. I just enjoy being at home with my husband and loyal cat.

  7. Had to stop travelling. In fact, I cancelled four road trips and a cruise. Not able to use my new camera. Nothing to remember about the summer if 2020. That’s a first.
    Now that things are opening up, the crowds are unbearable. Sigh.

  8. I’ve continued to work remotely since March and the stress finally began to manifest itself physically even with some of the strategies (meditation) that I had put into place. I realized that it was time to take a break to restore my physical self and mental sanity. So I took 2+ weeks off.
    I spent time restoring my sleep, reading a lot and getting out for walks in between the dr appointments. After a round of antibiotics, I did a cleanse for 7 days to reset my system. I’m back on track, feeling much better and committed to pacing myself during the work day. and not taking on the angst of my colleagues.

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