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Open Thread Follow Up: Grand Opening….?

If you live in New York City, you still can’t dine indoors, and al fresco dining is taking off – but for almost all our respondents, reopening hair salons was the biggest thrill.  One commenter pointed out that blow dryers were not being used (something to keep in mind when scheduling your haircut).  Meanwhile the pandemic led reader Robert to rediscover the WAHL hair clipper: “I will save thousands if I live to 100!” he enthused. Natalie said shopping in-store was an adventure that made her feel like she was doing a heist. And one enterprising reader suggested Senior Planet produce “Aging with Attitude” face masks.


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22 responses to “Open Thread Follow Up: Grand Opening….?

  1. Just got my hair cut last week. Wonderful experience. It was like a doctor’s visit, with so many precautions followed. My stylist wore visor and mask. I, of course, wore a mask. All precautions taken. Took subway into
    Manhattan for cut. I’ve never seen the subways so clean. Then walked from Soho to East Village, and shopped at Wholefoods. Then, back on the subway. Wonderful outing.

    1. I had a friend cut my hair out on her deck. I was so happy and although she is not a haircutter, the result was great! I felt years lift off me. I told her I would go to her in the future, but when she told me how much she would charge (jokingly), I said, well it’s back to Maria (my haircutter) then.

  2. My wife has been giving me buzz cuts with the clippers, and we only do take out from restaurants. The risk far outweighs the rewards. We are both 73 and don’t want or need to take chances. We have Dr friends and friends with PHDs in fluid mechanics who advise us in the same fashion. We only go to the store once a week and wipe everything down.

  3. I traveled back to a Borough I couldn’t wait to move away from. Not sure if it was my being late due to traffic and my ride late or the stress of working under such guarded conditions. Hairdresser asked if I had been tested I had it on my phone negative not once but twice. How did I know to expect this? It was ok, they got me an apt.
    What I didn’t like was not being allowed to blow dry my hair. After all that money I spent to change my color I shouldn’t have had to leave with soaken wet hair.
    Will not be returning. Oh their rationale for no dyer fly zone? It might spread the virus. Ohhh kayyy I just showed you I was negative. I asked if I could use the dryer in the ladies room, I was having surgery and didn’t want to catch a cold, answer no. So I left with soaking wet hair the bangs blew out so I could see the color.
    Now I have to adjust to my new dark hair that I had gotten used to as my hair was growing out. I
    For those of you in a rush, take it easy this wasn’t worth the $$.

  4. I bought a WAHL hair clipper for a friend years ago. He couldn’t use it on his sensitive scalp. Sat there for years in my apartment. I use it with number 1 1/2 guard and do this and its perfect. Saved $30 and may do this forever.
    I’m 70 so will save thousands if I live to 100!

  5. Usually I stay away from entering stores and make a Tel. Call to the supermarket every 3-4 weeks to order my groceries.

    During that time if I’ve run out of an item I gather up my courage and enter a small market a block away. Covered in my floral face mask, I place an envelope for the proprietor to place my change! For a moment there, I feel as if I’m staging an unarmed robbery and eager to escape to the open air of the street. The adrenaline of fear of this deadly virus is like the law coming after me to make an arrest. But I will never surrender!

  6. OMG – I was SO happy when my stylist opened in June and I could get a color and cut! A real blessing. And then my manicurist was back in the same salon and I actually had decent hands again! Heaven. I felt pretty comfortable going to the shop as they observed ALL safeguards – fewer patrons; alternating stylists and clients; stations further apart; temperatures taken; forms for tracking all completed; using my own pen to complete; staying in my car in the parking lot before the appointment; and on and on. I felt good and so did they!

  7. I was thrilled to go into bookstores in NYC last week. I went into Barnes & Noble and The Strand at Union Square and the tiny Three Lives in the West Village, (which only allows 5 in at a time.) I’m a writer and avid reader, happy to support local stores. I dropped over $125 on books. But the best part was browsing and talking about books with another customer and a clerk. You can’t do that online.

    I have a haircut appointment next week. Can’t wait. My stylist is coming to my building and plans to cut my hair outside in our courtyard. My hair got very long, like when I was a hippie in the 70s . I’m wearing it in a pony tail. I like it long but it needs shaping up. I cut my bangs twice during lock down. But I was afraid to cut my hair myself.

  8. We ate at a very small restaurant a few weeks ago. They had half of the tables blocked off and were using paper menus which could be thrown away after each use. Since it was lunchtime, there were not very many customers. All employees wore masks.

    Have only been shopping for essentials like groceries. All other purchases have been online.

  9. Yeah….I look like a savage coming out of the jungle! My old hair is now showing like the ugly thing it is. I’m afraid to go for a hair cut so I can look civilized and less ugly as one never knows how hygienic or not they are. But maybe I’ll take a chance one of these days and have the pleasure of even a pretty face, hahaha! That much a great haircut can change your face for the better. ;)
    Meantime, I’ll have to buy a head band (or bandanna as we used to call them when younger). Also putting your hair up in the back while keeping the front shorter can be very becoming too. Mine isn’t long enough for that though.
    Bottom line…we have to weigh in whether we want to have our mani-pedis and haircuts…or…the risk of the malignant virus… :(

  10. Craving a haircut, but some of the just opening storefronts near me are only starting to get things up and moving. Don’t want to be a guinea pig, so will wait until next week…and see how things go…

  11. I had my hair done at my regular hair place & tomorrow I’ll have it taken care of again. I’ve also eaten at a few restaurants. Although I find plenty to keep me interested at home, it’s nice to get out once in a while. I can’t wait till the world is back to normal once again. Then I’ll be able to get to classes & movies. My daughter won’t let me shop though. She says at my age, will be 90 in Oct., it’s best I stay away from crowds.

  12. I’ve been isolating in my studio apartment and have only gone out for groceries about once a week. I finally got a haircut last week after a four-month wait. I walked the 13 blocks to and from the salon here in Manhattan. I love how good I feel after a fresh haircut.

  13. I go to Edy’s of Course at Skyway Plaza. No one is allowed to enter the salon until the hairdresser invites you in. Then I have to sign a book with my name and phone number in case I need to be contacted if they need to do any contact tracking. Saran Wrap is put on the neck area of the sink and a disposable cape is required. Masks are worn by all employees and clients. I feel super safe there.

  14. No haircuts allowed at my Life Plan Community. I’m thinking about letting it go hippy style and grow a pony tail. The questions is: Should I use rubber bands or a barrette?
    As some have masks with slogans maybe I could find something to hold my hair that could make a statement. Now, there’s an idea. Maybe we could develop something that says, “Aging with Attitude”.
    How about that senior planet? Fund raising masks and head bands!

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