Open Thread Update: Getting Tested

Last week I got tested with both Covid-19 tests – the nasal swab and the blood test for antibodies. (I have not experienced any symptoms but was concerned about asymptomatic spread since I have immunocompromised relatives and friends.)

I”m still waiting for my results from CityMD but outside of the wait (more than a week now), I have no complaints. I waited outside for 15 minutes, waited inside for ten minutes after I registered via a Touchpad, and got both tests after a five minute inquiry of my health statistics.

I was not a fan of the nasal swab test but at least it was brief; the blood test took even less time and I was out in ten minutes.

So far there hasn’t been a lot of reaction from readers about their testing experience but we’re still really interested in knowing your experiences. Do you trust the test? Have you been tested more than once?  There’s still time to let us know in the comments.


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8 responses to “Open Thread Update: Getting Tested

  1. I live in a DC suburb and had an appointment at a walk in site recently opened. However the line was long and 95 degrees out so couldn’t wait. They need to bring testing to seniors instead of just people at random. Many of us don’t have cars and can’t use the drive through sites.

  2. I’m a Manhattanite tested at City MD, 2 weeks ago and waiting for the results of my Covid and antibody tests. The facility was very clean and not crowded. All procedures done efficiently and with no problems. Not expecting any surprising news, (I was just curious), but more than 2 weeks of waiting renders the results pretty useless.

  3. Since I am almost 100% certain that I had the virus (back in February, the symptoms lingering though late March, and I am proud to say that I did not pass it along), I called my doctor and asked about antibody tests. I had heard they were using plasma from former Covid sufferers to assist current patients. My doctor told me “the antibody test is only 50% effective. It yields both false positive and false negatives. It is therefore not worth taking.” Also, that was a moot point since neither test was available anywhere near me IN MANHATTAN. Where is our “health care system”?

  4. I have had two test in two places over about six weeks. One was a blood test, and the other a nasal swap. Both resulted in negative findings. Don’t know why anyone, over say 60, would not want to get one or more. Quick and easy. Results in several days, maybe 5 at the most.

  5. I live in an assisted living facility, which tests us with nasal swab every other week. The last few times, only one nostril. This facility did so much better than others in NJ, including the veterans facility. We only had two positive results during this whole time.

  6. Thanks for your report. I’ve wondered whether I should get tested for the very same reasons. I am still unclear of the difference between the two tests. Does the swab test show if you currently have the virus and the blood test show if you’ve ever been exposed? If you get a positive on either test, does that mean you must quarantine until you are tested again and test negative?

    1. I think you would need to quarantine only if you are positive for the swab test. If you have the antibodies, presumably you are no longer carrying active virus. Does anyone else know for sure about this.
      I had no symptoms, but thought I might have had past exposure, so had the antibody test. The result was “antibodies not detected,” so negative. Those results were within a few days. Others getting the nasal swab test, have waited a week to 10 or more days – useless at that point as far as quarantining to protect others.

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