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Open Thread Follow Up: Best in Class

Apparently so many of us are so busy with their Zoom book groups, online lectures, virtual exercise classes and more…that they were too busy to check in about their fave picks, even with Senior Planet.

We’re keeping this thread open to see if anyone else wants to brag/share/explain what they’ve achieved during this pandemic, favorite classes and suggestions.  Let us know – an operator is standing by!


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6 responses to “Open Thread Follow Up: Best in Class

  1. I made some decent progress with my German on Duolingo. And kept in shape with Pilates videos where no equipment was needed. But this lockdown revelation for me was learning to play Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a videogame my son (with whom I spent the past 6 months) pushed me to try. After a rough start, I got about halfway through the game. Then I had to leave to go back home.

  2. I have enjoyed a weekly, online gathering of about a dozen people, as we take turns sharing our travels. We have all learned how to Share (our) Screen in Zoom, although the group had to be patient as we did some stumbling along the way! It’s been so wonderful to ‘get away’ and ‘visit’ somewhere else! We have all learned of places we hope to visit in the future but the real joy has been the trip out of our daily realities for an hour each Tuesday morning!

  3. Joined senior planet recently and I’m really beginning to enjoy
    it did the Tai Chi class yesterday and a good book discussionthat I thoroughly enjoyed
    however I work Monday through Thursday 9 to 5 and wondered if any of these classes are recorded so I can watch them later when I am free would so love that

  4. I have learned to become more organized and learning to take care of myself more. 1. Lost weight doing Korean recipes, linking my. smartphone to new ROKU streamer I have access to more FREE movies, documentary, online. classes, tips and exercise classes, which saved me money from cable downsizing.

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