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Open Thread: August Birthdays!

To all of our virtually learning, zoom conquering, aging with attitude community members born in August:

Happy Birthday!

We are so glad that you are a part of our family.

In the open thread below let us know how you’re celebrating, what you want out of next year or what ever else you’d like to share!

Not born in August? Join us in celebrating our peridot-stoned friends!


15 responses to “Open Thread: August Birthdays!

  1. Thanks for the good birthday wishes. I’m a new subscriber so it was a surprise to find your wishes in an email. I had a nice and quiet day. My son had me choose a take out for our dinner. He brought me my favorite, Italian Cream cake of which my husband manage to polish most off! Like Linda Hudgins I always celebrate all month. Happy Birthday to all the August birthdays from this Leo!

  2. I no longer celebrate my birthday. If I put candles on a cake it would look like a forest fire.
    This is a mixed happy and sad month in our family. My love and I married in August 1952, Our older daughter was born on our 8th anniversary, my 92nd birthday is this month, but my love became one of God’s angels 4 years ago this month. My love and I are still together across the miles and someday we will again be side by side forever. Since we can’t get together physically, for now our little family sort of celebrates quietly via video calls, email and US mail. We chat and in our hearts we thank our Lord for all the good years past and hopefully future. Blessings to all who have birthdays this month. Russ

  3. My name is Virginia Hamlin,
    August 14th I will celebrate my 76th birthday. I’M having
    the best time of my life! thanks to Senior Planet. this pandemic or pause as I call it. Gives me time to think, soul search, find a deeper creative me. Touch lives like never before. we all have a deeper spirit, turn it loose and see where it takes you. August born, Southern bread, world traveler. MY fellow August celebrants I, solute you. Long and healthy life.

    1. What a refreshing read! I agree this Pandemic gives us PAUSE but it can be flipped into a perfect time to touch up oneself by acquiring new skillsets or upgrading older skills.

      I’m wishing you the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY imaginable in the never-to-be-forgotten 2020. Despite the grim, daily data statistics, we become strengthened and skilled and avoid letting the pandemic wither senior productivity. Thanks to organizations like SENIOR PLANET, older adults can keep abreast of technology, health upgrades and other emerging trends.

      May you focus on the GOOD NEWS of having been granted another year of life – Happy Birthday!

  4. Hello,

    My daughter is not well and we had plans for my birthday on August 12th. We will postpone until she feels better.
    But everyday is a holiday and birthday just by being apart of this team and life in general.
    Best to all and thank you all for the well wishes.


  5. Thanks for the blessing, I am going to get BBQ I told my Daughter already. I missed all the other BBQ days and this is a good day for it. I will live the rest of the year, and forever like there is no tomorrow but, that will be in the LORD . If you are reading this you have been blessed also. Stay Alive and Well I love you ALL

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