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Old People Vs. Hipsters

We recently came across this photo:



It cast a new light on a meme we’ve been contemplating, “Hipsters vs. Old People,” that’s been making the rounds on the Internet for at least a couple of years. While the meme is funny, we were in two minds:

Is it ageist?

Is it Hipsterish?

At the risk of offending everyone, we decided to share the meme and let you weigh in.



We like to think hipsters are emulating seniors – how about you?


4 responses to “Old People Vs. Hipsters

  1. I think the bottom line is that older people have to be more visible in more ways. That’s part of why I started a You Tube channel. Plus making connections and supporting each other as we age is sooo important. Check out the YouTube channel and subscribe: Boomers Reaching Out.

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