Old, Older, Elder, Senior… The People Have Spoken


Responses came via Facebook…

@ElijahTyre  I enjoy the perks that come with being a senior citizen. I also refer to myself as an old dude. In fact, I plan to make some purchases from “Old Guys Rule” tee and sweatshirt collection.
@ElderJourney  Crone, hag, queen, elder, senior, old timer, boomer, grandma… it’s all good.
@Geezer I’ll give you one guess, sonnyboy.
@Leslie Grollman In Portland, Oregon, we are called ‘honored citizens’ by the transit system…AND we get that discount!
@Georgia Klay I prefer Elder. It speaks of respect for age.

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... and Twitter (where most commenters were not seniors):

@SilverySage I’m SAGE
@TheLightHasCome I prefer older adult, because in the context of a culture that often infantalizes the aged, ADULT adds a needed specificity.
@Siobhan_Odwyer What interests me more is how the male terms imply eccentricity, while the female ones imply frailty. (Good point)


People commented on Senior Planet

Wendi in NYC says: This is a great subject. I don’t care for “senior” much because it reminds me of high school (shudder). I like Elder because it’s elegant and sorta Spanish (“El Der!”)
Linda says: We call the older generation in our family “Golden Oldies,” and I like the respect it implies.
Ashton Applewhite says: I nominate “olders” as a noun – a simpler version of “older adult,” the only acceptable term. It’s short, non-value-laden, and emphasizes that age is a spectrum.

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165 answers came via our poll




Which name won the poll?

Our unscientific survey produced a clear winner: “Senior” led the pack – not surprising, maybe, on a site called Senior Planet.

But way up there with “senior,” the second most popular choice was “Other.” If you’re looking for a new label, read on:

Most popular “other”

  • Mature
  • Oldie
  • Geezer (really!)

There were many version of “Don’t label me.” Some of our favorites:

  • Just call me by my name I personally think it is “despicable” to be labeled with any name!”
  • I don’t like being labeled except when i’m in line for a “senior discount”!!

And almost as many versions of  “Wise”:

  • Wise Old Woman (WOW)
  • A wise woman of a certain age ( with a wink)
  • Wisdom Keeper

Among the rest, here are some of our picks:


  • Wisdomee
  • An old youngster
  • Granmdragon
  • Well-trained

Most attitude

  • 64-and-hey-deal-with-it
  • I do not give a shit
  • Fabulous

Best euphemism

  • Persons of age

Other “others”

“Getting up there ;)” “an old dyke,” “old girl,” “Seasoned Senior,” “almost old ,” “a boomer .”

The poll remains open; please weigh in by clicking here. And please share your favorites in the comments below.

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