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Meet the Panelists – Creative Expression for Civic Engagement

Art and advocacy have always been inextricably tied – but now more than ever artists, especially older adult artists, are using their work to raise their voice.

To further explore this relationship, Senior Planet has invited three renowned older adult artists to a one-of-a-kind virtual panel on Tuesday, May 10 from 1:30 – 2:30 pm EDT. At the panel, these artists will discuss how they use their artistic expression to raise their voices about causes they champion. 

Here’s a quick introduction to the line-up – now all we need is you! Click here to see the full event details.



“Aging slows you down in a lot of ways, but it didn’t slow down my desire to express what I need while I’m still alive.” 

-Henrietta Mantooth


Kevin Blythe Sampson often calls himself a “Civil Rights Baby” having grown up with a Father who was one of New Jersey’s most prominent civil rights leaders. He is also a retired Police Officer and the First African American Uniformed Composite Sketch Artist in the Nation. He has been a working artist and teacher for over 32 years.

He considers himself to be a community-based artist – his community, and communities at large, their joys, pains, hopes, and dreams have continued to be his ultimate muse. Read more about Kevin.

“The beauty about aging is you don’t have to hold back anymore.”

-Kevin Blythe Sampson


Alston Green has had a professional career that’s allowed him to explore his creative passions.  It all began when he graduated from Parsons School of Design in the early 70’s he held many jobs in the apparel industry, textile designer, and color specialist.

This led to a career in product development of consumer products at the world-renowned Hallmark Cards Inc.  It presented an opportunity to develop a program for African-American consumers,” Mahogany.”

Alston approaches all of his life involvements with creativity and passion. This includes the LGBTQ community; its past and present,­­ healthcare also civic matters. As a senior, his focus has shifted to matters that affect my cohort. Technology especially as it impacts us to effectively age in place. Visit Alston’s website.

“As an elder gay senior, I eagerly share wisdom and incite with LGBTQ youth so they can responsibly take the baton for the next generation to advance with confidence and pride.”

-Alston Green

Senior Planet is thrilled to hold space for these artists – we hope you will join the conversation to get inspired, get involved and get to work. 
Click here to join us for this one-time virtual panel on Zoom on May 10 from 1:30 – 2:30 pm EDT.