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McKnight’s Home Care: “Senior Planet Book Club fosters social connections”

In this article from McKnight’s Home Care, reporter Caroline Szachnowski talked to Tom Kamber, Executive Director, OATS/Senior Planet from AARP about’s online book club.

“The book club of Senior Planet is a little bit of a Rorschach into the minds of older adults,” Kamber said. “When you ask them ‘What book do you want to read?’, you’re also really activating them to say, ‘What’s up for you lately?’ or ‘Where am I going in my intellectual life right now?’ When older adults are picking books, they are picking a pretty interesting group of nontraditional or unexpected books, so we’re not sitting here reading books about osteoporosis or healthcare. These are cool novels that you’re gonna want to talk about over the dinner table.”

Read the full article here, and catch up with the Senior Planet Book Club — led each week by Senior Program Assistant Rebecca Altneu — at

For continued conversation, join the “Book Lovers” group on Senior Planet Community here.

Photo from McKnight’s Home Care.