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MsFAITH!, 62: Walking the Walk

Meet Evon “MsFAITH!” Bennett. She’s one of the 2022 Senior Planet Sponsored Athletes, and she’ll be sharing updates on her health & wellness journey through the rest of this year. Today, MsFAITH! is taking us through her fitness story that began after losing several family members to the effects of heart disease. At age 62, MsFAITH! is striving to break the cycle and live a long and healthy life, all while having fun.

MsFAITH! is the acronym for: Mission-Specific, Fully Achieving Independence Through Health/Healing (and Helping.) My MsFAITH! journey came about after losing my mother to heart disease. My mother lost her battle with heart disease at the age of 63, after having a heart attack and later a stroke. Her mother lost that same battle at the age of 40, after also suffering from a heart attack and stroke.

The next month after losing my mother, my doctor explained that I was at risk of the same thing if I didn’t start to eat healthier, exercise, and lose at least 40 pounds. Being divorced with five children, it became clear that my mission [was] specific, and I had to fully achieve independence through health/healing if I wanted to break the cycle and be there for my family.

After trying a few different things without any real success, I realized it would have to be fun for me to be consistent and experience lasting results. I liked walking, and it had always been the foundation of my fitness regimen since I was in high school. So, I hit the pavement and started walking again.

“Now, I make it a point to always stay in movement — FUN movement.”

The running club where I worked let me join them even though I was a walker, and they encouraged me to walk my first half marathon. It was so much FUN that I was hooked! The next year for my 50th birthday, I decided I wanted to walk a full (26.2 miles) marathon. For my 60th birthday I went to Athens, Greece to walk in the original marathon in celebration of my 10-year marathon anniversary!

Now, I make it a point to always stay in movement — FUN movement. To do that, I started leading FUN bootcamps, which are strength training classes to encourage other seniors to get active. I also roller skate, hula hoop and dance on a regular basis to stay active and have FUN!

If you want to have some FUN with fitness, please join me for my Senior Planet Sponsored Athlete presentation, “Intro to Hula Hooping for Health” on Wednesday, March 9. Find the details here!


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16 responses to “MsFAITH!, 62: Walking the Walk

  1. MsFAITH…blessings to all who share their journey. I try to keep moving, some days walking, other at my fitness center, as well as eating healthy. I fall off the wagon, but get up and keep moving. I love to travel the world!
    The key…keep moving! Blessings!!!

  2. Ms. Faith I’m encouraged and inspired by your story and the fun way you took charge of your health and wellness. I definitely will be following you. Again, thank you for your tenacity on health and wellness.

    Apryll Williams
    “The Finisher”

  3. We have similar stories. My Dad died of a heart attack at age 43 (enlarged heart) 2 sisters, one brother died heart attack Brother had stroke beforehand. Mom had several strokes, she too died. Before my Mom died I vowed to myself to change my eating habits and to find a routine to get healthy. I started walking! I’m 5ft use to weigh 168 pounds
    Today at 68 yrs old , still 5ft, and 127 pounds. Kept those 40 pounds off for 5 years. I walk 4 miles everyday

  4. WOW! MsFAITH … I absolutely LOVE your acronym. Your story is so inspiring! I will definitely share it with people in my network. I look forward to your presentation ‘Intro to Hula Hooping for Health’. I am sure it will be FUN! I have not used a hula hoop since I was a young girl … a very young girl. I am looking forward to hearing your tips and seeing you in action!

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