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Let’s Talk Money!!

New Senior Planet Trainer Jane Burk (at left) will bring a big portfolio of money smarts in January (read her bio, below).  She is bringing in her network to talk about technology and personal finance with her Silicon Valley Speaker Series: Technology and Personal Finance, starting via Zoom Fridays, Jan 21 – March 25, 2022 from 9 – 10 am Pacific Time. Join these sessions here:

Here’s her report:

Today, technology is intertwined with personal finance – everything from how you bank, pay for things, manage money, get a loan, or invest money.  Although this is not new, the pandemic has expedited the use of technology in our daily routines of managing our personal finances.

The use of technology will persist beyond the pandemic.

Online banking, online shopping, and other online transactions grew during the last 20 months.  The use of technology will persist beyond the pandemic.

Learning the Basics of Finance and Tech

What are the basics of technology used in personal finance?

Photo by Dmitry Demidko on Unsplash

In this speaker series, we are inviting seven or eight guest speakers from the banking and/or technology industry to provide a behind-the-scene look at the technology and processes.  We hope to open the eyes of curious minds, and connect common technology terms to our day-to-day activities. There will be a Q&A at the end of each session.  To make it even more convenient, participants can register either by session or for the entire series.

Finance, Tech, and How you Bank

During the series we’ll discuss critical issues like cybersecurity and encryption. We’ll also ponder decisions like joining the cashless society through the use of apps, and finding an alternative to memorizing all those passwords.

I hope this series will spark curious minds. Together we can explore behind the scenes technology  – and learn best practices. I’m really excited to invite expert guest speakers and to moderate the series!

(Please note the speakers will share their own perspectives, which do not represent the organizations they work for.)

Jane Burk joined OATS from AARP on November 1, 2021, upon her retirement from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.  She worked for Federal  Reserve System for 22 years in Information Technology developing and supporting critical applications.  One of her post retirement goals is to be involved with community service where she can pass along the knowledge and learning to others.  She will be  bringing her network to talk about technology and personal finance.


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