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Introducing Senior Planet Community

Senior Planet Community

We have some exciting news! 🎉 After two years in the making, we are very pleased to introduce our new social engagement platform — Senior Planet Community (or SPC). At Senior Planet, we value your safety and privacy, so we built SPC to be a secure haven for older adults to make their voices heard, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and share resources with one another – and it’s completely ad-free.

A Virtual Senior Planet Center 

As a virtual space that recreates the learning and social opportunities of a Senior Planet Center online, it will both extend the benefits of Senior Planet experiences to users and provide both participants and Supporters access to deeper engagement opportunities.

Exclusive to only older adults 60 and over, this platform has a simple, age-friendly, and attractive design built with the input of Seniors like you.

A place for any interest

The platform is divided into interest groups. No matter what your interest is, there’s a community group for you: Fun groups dedicated to Travel or Photography, Fitness, Creative, Gardening or Pets; discussion groups like Book Club and Everything Technology – and more! There is a community group for everybody!

The dynamic nature of SPC will allow you to enjoy the content that is most relevant to your interests, without having to cherry-pick from among topics of less interest to you. (Be sure to read the Terms of Service before signing up!)

Quotes from current SPC users

Here is what older adult users have to say about the platform:

“As an older adult who loves using technology, I am very excited about the launch of Senior Planet Community, I have seen firsthand the development of this new platform and believe that it will provide an exceptional social experience for older adults, complete with a simple design, clean layout, and no advertisements. I’m looking forward to meeting other seniors on Senior Planet Community.”

John Durham

“Senior Planet has been a major part of my life during the pandemic, and I’ve loved taking part in virtual workouts and classes with other older adults, I think that Senior Planet Community will be the perfect platform for older adults like myself who are eager to make new connections and continue to learn new skills. I encourage all older adults to give Senior Planet Community a try, and have fun using a social platform that is just for us!”

– Malvina Abbott

“I talk with my fellow older adults every week about technology, and concerns about privacy and safety are commonplace, Senior Planet Community is going to be a go-to destination for older adults, who want to be able to connect with other people over shared interests, and feel secure that their data and privacy will not be compromised. It gives me confidence to use Senior Planet Community knowing that safety is going to be a main focus for older adults who use the platform.”

Dave Taenzer


Please join us at SPC and bring your expertise and ideas to the entire Senior Planet community. We believe that this new endeavor will bring us closer than ever while keeping your information secure, private, and ad-free.

Join one or more groups on Senior Planet Community by clicking HERE!


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