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Checking In With the 2021 Senior Planet Sponsored Athletes

Year Two of the Senior Planet Sponsored Athlete program is in full swing. From interactive online presentations, to insightful blog posts, to international powerlifting competitions, it’s been a busy few months for our five amazing older adult athletes. Have you been following along with their fitness journeys?

Read on for a recap and for news and announcements of exciting upcoming events and opportunities.

Reaching New Heights 

Arlene Toonkel, 68, hosted an online event on August 25th for the Senior Planet community called “Jumping with Joy”. Arlene discussed her experience with rebounding (exercising on a mini trampoline) and explained the activity’s many health benefits. Through instructional videos and her own testimony, some 80 attendees learned about rebounding from our resident expert! (Since the event, several Senior Planet participants have purchased their own rebounders.)

Arlene says “It’s so nice that rebounding is catching on in our community.” Want to learn more? Read Arlene’s introductory blog here, and stay tuned for an in-depth follow-up piece with more details about rebouding.

Getting the Ball Bowl Rolling…

Mark Newton, 61, put on his lucky lawn bowling hat and led an exciting virtual session on September 22nd called “Playing with Purpose”. Participants brought tennis balls, soup cans, and other household items to replicate the outdoor sport of lawn bowling in their basements, living rooms and back porches. Read about Mark’s post-retirement discovery of lawn bowling here, and check out the video below for an overview of the sport!

From Seattle…to Sweden

Photo by Alan Berner for The Seattle Times

Abbey Moon, 76, took her powerlifting skills across the globe last month and brought home three silver medals for the bench press, squat, and deadlift at the International Powerlifting Federation’s World Sub-Junior, Junior, Master & Open Classic Powerlifting Championships! You can watch the competition here.

The Seattle Times published this story about Abbey and her incredible journey both online and in the October 3rd print edition. In case you missed Abbey’s introductory blog, read it here, and be on the lookout for an upcoming recap from Abbey about her experience overseas.  Are you interested in lifting weights, but aren’t sure where to start? Hop on Zoom on Wednesday, October 20th at 3pm ET for a live introductory session with Abbey! Click here to join.

Today Is the Day!

Hollis Wagenstein-Hurturk, 69, is ready to share her knowledge of functional fitness training through a three-part blog series covering tools, techniques, and trainers. Get to know Hollis here, and visit again on Saturday, October 23rd to read Hollis’ entry on “The Right Stuff” for Accessible, Affordable Exercise. Hollis will be sharing some of the equipment and resources that have allowed her to overcome challenges and live a fitness-focused life. As Hollis says, “There are times when waiting pays off. Exercise is not one of them. The perfect time to start exercising is NOW.” Hollis will also be hosting a Zoom session with Senior Planet on Wednesday, November 17th at 3pm ET — mark your calendars!

Just Keep Moving

Elisse Barnes, 60, channeled her love of dance to lose 50 pounds! Read all about her experience with online dance videos here. Now, Elisse is ready to share what she’s learned about diet, exercise, sleep habits, and keeping on course with the Senior Planet community. Stay tuned for a Q&A session with Elisse at the end of this month full of tips and tricks for staying focused on both physical and mental health. Elisse will also be hosting an online session as part of our Team Senior Planet program on December 8th.

Wait, There’s More!

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