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It’s YOUR Day!!!

National Senior Citizens Day is August 21. To honor National Senior Citizens Day (and all the days that follow!), Senior Planet is celebrating the senior citizens who make our community so exceptional and supportive!

Every day we see members of our community taking action to make the world a better place for other older adults. That is because being a part of Senior Planet means supporting your peers – it’s what we do.

Take Barbara. Barbara is an advocate fighting for digital access in her home of San Antonio. Why is access to technology and training on how to use it so important to her? It’s all about… “Representation. That’s where the digital access comes in to play. Equitable representation of seniors in every aspect of San Antonio decision making. And not just by people who advocate for seniors, but seniors themselves.”

Then we have Hollis. Hollis, a Senior Planet Sponsored Athlete and active participant in Functional Fitness Training, is looking to inspire other older adults on their workout journeys despite whatever obstacle they may be facing. “I’m a healthful person who isn’t completely healthy. I’m not aiming for a cure, but I still hope for healing. I’d like to represent the senior who struggles, but won’t give up.”

Or there’s Carmen. Carmen is a New York-based producer working to keep the art of Cabaret alive and while encouraging other older adults to speak up and find their voice. She says, “My greatest relief now that I don’t have a 9-to-5…what you think about me is your business, not mine, so I stand by my principles. Now, I speak up.”

These three exceptional people are not alone. Our community is built up of senior citizens who are envisioning a better world and making it happen.

At Senior Planet, our goal is never tell people how to live their best lives, but rather to help them achieve it themselves by harnessing the power of technology.

That is why we are asking you today to support not only Senior Planet, but your fellow senior citizens in their path to change their lives and the lives of others!

Click here to make a gift and help increase the number of free, life-changing classes offered to older adults everywhere.

When you give $1 or more, you’ll become an official Senior Planet Supporter, giving you access to a bevy of impact-based benefits such as educational events, volunteer opportunities, quarterly Impact Reports the annual technology review and the opportunity to help lead the direction of Senior Planet. Click here to learn more!


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