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Ready to Return? Take Our Reopening Survey

Thank you for participating in the survey. The results are being evaluated by our team. Please continue to share your thoughts in the comment section below, and sign up for the Senior Planet newsletter for the latest information on reopening plans.

Since closing our in-person center doors in March of 2020, we have found new ways to keep the Senior Planet community connected safely online. While we miss interacting with all of our participants and Supporters in person, online programming has proven to be a great way to stay connected from afar and bring together incredibly large groups of attendees in digital spaces. Many days, you can find over 400 Senior Planet participants logged on to our “Morning Stretch” class!

Now, as the vaccine rollout progresses, whispers of reopening for in-person programming are on the horizon — and we want to hear from you! How do you feel about going back to Senior Planet centers in person? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Please note that a return to in-person programming will not result in the stoppage of online programming. We recognize that much of the growth of our community over the past year and a half has occurred outside of our 6 geographies, and we value all of our online participants!



42 responses to “Ready to Return? Take Our Reopening Survey

  1. I need to attend a class/ workshop with others as we create our new state of art resumes. I have attended a good Senior Planet on what job organizations exist: taskrabbit, indeed, LinkedIn, etc.But my first step is gathering who I am now, the vocabulary, talking with Seniors! I need to chew the fat in person or together online!

  2. Appreciate the online classes and learned
    Also went inperson prepandemic
    Hybrid would allow those with disabilities health issues transportation difficulties the choice and opportunity to learn and participate

  3. Thanks so much for the online classes you’ve offered! I have been loving the one I’m taking, and hope it will continue.
    I am not quite ready to return to inside activities because of the Delta variant and other future variants, so I think that end of September might be a good time to re-open in person events.

  4. I have been pleased with the online content. Living far away from any Sr Plant location, I do hope the online classes will continue. Please continue to make them available. Thank you.

  5. The online classes currently given are excellent. The instructors are great.
    Currently, given the uncertainty with the Delta variant, I don’t feel comfortable attending classes in person, potentially with unvaccinated people.
    There are also some people with mobility issues and cannot get appropriate transportation. I know I participate to many more classes because it is easy for me to just join the zoom.
    If the Covid situation continues yes to improve, it would be great in Senior Planet classes are provided in a hybrid mode, both in person and virtual.
    Thank you to all your staff. They are very competent, responsible and very courteous.

  6. Better Learning takes place with the Teacher in the room giving instruction, taking questions and giving answers, showing and illustrating how things are done. I don’t know how one can learn “the mexican hat dance” on the computer, just by way of
    illustrating my point.

      1. Hello Kay! Here is how you can start getting involved remotely:

        If you have any specific tech questions/problems you can call our tech hotline for assistance: 920-666-1959

        We offer over 50 free online courses every week, view them all here:

        To receive a weekly email with all of our events listed, you can sign up for our newsletter here:

        Lastly, to learn the basics of Zoom so you can join our online offerings, click here:

  7. Take advantage of the tons of outdoor venues where we could meet – from vest pockets parks to Central Park , to sit at an out door bar and break bread at an outdoor dining table. Keeping it safe , accessible and fun for seniors. I can’t wait!

  8. I cannot believe that the desire to mix with others outweigh common sense of health safety…I am vaccinated but live very much as we did when the virus first came…glad I do…folks the numbers are about to grow again and shut downs are coming…watch

    1. Emogene I am in complete agreement with you. Today a restaurant in Gettysburg had to shut down until further notice because six employees tested positive for COVID. Owner told reporters he followed every mandate through the pandemic and had no positive cases. But now … How many patrons were exposed to these six folks last weekend? Wishing them a quick recovery. But, with numbers growing, too soon to let our guards down.

    1. I agree with you. Am a senior here in Hyde Park, NY. Few contacts with seniors, lockdown for 15 months, it has been hard. Live alone, no family but two sons. Friends gone. Accepting and dealing with the aging process is where I need support. Being with peers socializing. I have a sister in Denver. i am sure she would like to know about a group meeting.

  9. The exercise classes and learning sessions have been an integral part of my daily life for the past year.

    They have help me regain balance and strength and also has taught me many things about the new electronics and social media and how to select a new computer.
    Helps to keep the brain working. Thank you.

    1. Ethel, I need a new computer. My computer is 11 years old, an Apple laptop that my daughter gave. I will be travelling to Argentina for 3 months and need a new computer What computer did you get?

      Kind Regards
      Thomas Grube

      1. I got a mini iPad for a European trip in 2019. Took my small apple keyboard (from my iMac) along and put it all in one case. It was great for writing emails, listening to books on tape. It was a smart move. You can even get a used iPad. Or some Android equivalent. A laptop is more of a theft temptation. If you need to create documents then you must have it.

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