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Chinta: “Think of it like a door – open it and explore.”

Meet Chinta, a member of our Connected NYCHA program! You can learn more about this initiative here.

What did receiving this tablet mean to you?

That meant that I could do more on my own. Like with Zoom – all the kids knew about Zoom but I didn’t know. When I saw the class I immediately wanted to take it so I could do a little more on my own without calling the kids, asking the kids, waiting for the kids. Because kids are kids. My son would say: “Ma, you should know this.” But now, I can function more on this device; I get more done.

What do you like about your new device?

I love that I can go places without leaving the house. I’m the kind of person who always travels. I would leave the house everyday and go someplace before. But the pandemic cut that off.

Now, with the google earth app, I have another open door for me to be able to go places like how I used to without being restricted.

What do you like about the Senior Planet offerings you have participated in?

I really like the classes because it taught me about being patient with myself and being patient with others. I’ve also learned that it’s not a bad thing to ask questions; the instructors don’t mind answering! That’s good for me because I have a problem asking for help. But this is teaching me how I can ask for help, get the help I need and not be pushed to the side.

They’re good at making you go forward. It makes you not want to be left behind; you want to keep up.

Any words of advice?

I can say that it might seem a little intimidating at first because it is a new adventure for you. Senior Planet is an opportunity for you to get up to speed. And if you get stuck, just call the hotline and they’ll walk you through it. Think of it like a door – open it and explore.

It might be a stretch for some, but go ahead and stretch! Just don’t pop.

Have a question about membership in the Connected NYCHA program? Contact our Membership Manager by emailing or calling 917-863-4658. 


One response to “Chinta: “Think of it like a door – open it and explore.”

  1. Chinta, thanks for sharing your feelings and thoughts. I like your suggestion regarding a way to still experience the joys of travel. I really miss my local and far away trips. For me just being out and about everyday in Cincinnati was wonderful. I am new to technology for personal use. I greatly appreciate your suggestion of an app like google earth. Prior to retirement, I was unfamiliar with apps. So thankful I discovered Senior Planet.

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