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Making More Accessible

Check out’s newest feature:

Our accessibility widget!

This handy widget is filled with a variety of tools to make your experience on as personalized as you would like – easier to navigate, see and read.

Let’s take a tour!

To start using the widget, click the blue circle on the bottom right of any page on

See here:

Once you click the circle, it will open a menu filled with options for how to adjust text size, change the font type, pause animations and more.

The menu looks like this:

Using this widget you can:

  • Highlight text you want your device to dictate out loud
  • Change the contrast to help with visibility
  • Highlight links in text
  • Change the size of the text
  • Adjust the text spacing
  • Pause animations
  • Switch to more legible fonts
  • Enlarge the cursor

Just click the option you’d like to try out and the widget will make the change for you! Give it a try!

Made a change you want to un-do? 

Just click “Reset All” at the bottom of the menu.

Done making changes?

Click the “x” at the top right of the menu. Your selections will stay the same as you navigate around the site until you exit our website.

Having difficulty using the widget?

Call our National Tech Hotline at 920-666-1959 to help you navigate our new system.


One more thing….

In our continued effort to make our online offerings as accessible as possible, we will soon be experimenting with live closed captioning in our classes taught over Zoom. More on that to come!


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11 responses to “Making More Accessible

  1. As a matter of basic English Composition principles, it would be best to state in the first paragraph the purpose of the message i.e. “What is a widget?”, Why would it be helpful to me?”, “How do I get one?

    Instead, as techies and engineers often do, you immediately go into its whiz-bang features to how to use it.

    Remember the journalistic principles when reporting on something… Who, What, Where, When, Why, then lastly, How.

  2. I accidentally ‘stumbled’ onto Senior Planet embedded in my AARP email in June. Just love these online sessions and a wonderful productive change in routine in these shelter-in-place times. I strongly feel the tech trainings help us seniors keep up with the times. Technology is the future so we won’t be left behind!! The trainers are awesome ~ their pace is perfect for me and they are so patient with answering questions. I appreciate every one of them!

  3. I enjoyed the “Google Earth tour” very much and thought it was one of the most interesting presentations I have sat through. I appreciate very much what Senior planet is providing. I’ve attended many Zoom sessions provided by Senior Planet. They have all been good. The only suggestion I would make is to reduce the amount of time spent on the “Discussion /questions”. As a retired teacher I know that it is important to “engage” students but sometimes so much time is spent on the “discussion questions” that the presenter is not able to present all the information planned and there is no time for Q&A at the end.

  4. Amazing technology & focus on helping people have easier access to your information ! All emails should have this widget included in them…perhaps they do & I just haven’t been aware of it. Thank you!

  5. I would like to register a Complaint regarding the facilitator/instructor for the “Google Earth” webinar I attended yesterday. I believe it was the NYC branch. The speaker went too fast, he did not explain his steps, how he got to each screen, he did not define what he meant by “pressing down” — press down what?
    I left the meeting after about 15 mins. Either he needs to learn how to teach or you need to have someone else present!

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