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Our Commitment is to Justice

OATS and Senior Planet are based on the idea that justice and decency can be advanced through collective action. We stand against the violence that our country has historically and presently tolerated against the Black community and we stand in support of those who are fighting for change. 

For many years, we have maintained that our work is about more than simply helping older adults learn and use technology. It’s about education, service, health, engagement—but at its essence, our commitment is to justice, the idea that every human being has equal claim to dignity and fair treatment and security.

As activists, we are acutely aware that our nation is falling short of its promise. The recent episodes of brutality and murder against Black individuals—George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and countless others—are intolerable and represent simply the latest chapter in a centuries-old history of racial violence and oppression. 

We stand with those who demand change. Progress toward racial justice and human rights for the Black community is progress for all of us. OATS and Senior Planet are committed to serving as a haven for those who are threatened by violence or injustice, and we are fighting to change institutions and practices that harm vulnerable and marginalized populations.  


15 responses to “Our Commitment is to Justice

  1. I am 90 years old. I have been scammed for 16 years and because I am Black; this scam has affected my entire life; mentally, physically, financially et al.
    I’m concerned about women, especially who do not believe that our society is being led by people with determined minds and means to put their knees on Black people’s by any means possible and the older the more vulnerable.
    There are more ways to smother our lives than with guns and knees there are finances – just an example: One has worked, bought a home through sacrifices; and retired to do the things that one has worked for all of their lives; debt free and decides to get a car. And based on an application’s forgery through a reputable company with my signature the debt was increased from $140.00 to $140,000.00 and funded debts that I did not owe.
    At the time this happened I was 74 years old answered a Radio Ad and today I am paying over $1200 per month from my Retired Pay for debts that I did not owe.
    I have been fighting this scam for 16 years with at least four reputable financial companies supporting one another against me. Their word against a Black senior citizen.
    Injustice runs rampart in Denver against Blacks, Systemic racism was happening to me even before the action was named. Subtle racism prevails among the affluent against people of color.

  2. I am new to Senior Planet. I grew up in Colorado during the 60’s and now in my 60s work as a lawyer and filmmaker in Philadelphia. I had my choice of joining various Senior Planets- NY, Palo Alto, but chose Denver because of my roots. ( Also Philly doesn’t have a Senior Planet :)
    As an African American woman I am sad to see some of the earlier comments from the few who want no part of this organization because it is seen as ” advocacy” or taking a stand on “race and justice”.
    But then I remembered that we often overlook all the positive comments and highlight only the negative. Conversations about race, ageism and gender are vital and the overwhelming majority of positive, affirmative comments from everyone here lets me know this is a community I look forward to participating in -albeit virtually.

    1. To Renee Yvette Chenault Fattah:
      One of my difficulties is: I have had four attorneys. My evidence is valid but the attorneys do one of two things: (1) afraid to go forward (2) Lack the ability (3) they say one thing and believe another (4) I want an attorney who is loyal and believe with the evidence that I have will forge ahead under one of the agencies that stand for justice.
      You don’t realize how difficult this is to find? Lawyers listen to me and take my money and then decide that I’m at fault except this last action. One of the defendants came forward and the attorney wanted to be released because she had rigged up a plot, through forgery and theft from my computer that she could prove a difference that wasn’t true. So she more or less asked to be released and at the same time one of the defendants wanted to talk. She would not share this information with me. I reported her to the Regulatory Agency.
      I have had Colorado Legal Services (Jose Vasquez) hear my problem. He tells me that one of the defendants is on the Board of Directors of the of the banks I am in dispute with. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) tells me I have been scammed and I need a lawyer. I’ve written my Congresswoman, The Governor, The Mayor, My Councilwoman as well as the Denver Post to no avail. They just will not go after the culprit. I even filed cases in Denver District Court which were dismissed without my input. This is worth defending and it will make a difference for any one with the gall to be patient and forge ahead. I am looking for that person on a Pro Bono basis. It will be worth the effort. I assure you! Alruth

  3. Thank you Senior Planet for speaking up it is certainly needed. Can you believe that in this 21st Century they were unable to pass a Bill against Lynching? This happened about a week and a half ago in our U S Senate. I grew up in a small town in Tennessee during Segregation (yes I saw the “colored” signs along with many more and attended separate schools where my parents had to purchase my books “used” that the White students had used ( theirs were free) but my parents had to pay for the used ones, they were not cheap. My father working fifty hours per week for less than fifty dollars per week. It’s so difficult to look at some of the same situations today with little/no change. You go shopping and are followed throughout the store, etc. Yes, that happens here in Denver, Colorado, not to me but to several
    people I know.
    Again, thank you for speaking out because we desperately need some constructive Changes. I grew up in a small Tennessee Town North of Memphis, after over eighty years, not many changes have taken place, not enough space to list them. I believe in the worth of Every Human being and that we all have Civil Rights, not to be treated like an animal.
    Thank you for allowing me to vent. Please keep up these great discussions and classes. Senior Planet is great!!

  4. Thanks. Blacks fundamental right to life continued to be denied. The March on Washington for Jobs & Freedom in 1963 addressed the economic reality deterring Blacks from exercising their fundamental rights for liberty & the pursuit of life. This this more widely expressed understanding that Blacks are deprived of their right to life when murdered by policemen furthers the principles on which America was established. No life should be taken without due process.

  5. As a child my mother took me to the 1963 March On Washington. I wrote letters to Senator Javits & Senator Keating, asking them to vote for the Civil Rights Act. Now as a former NYC teacher & retired NYPD Sergeant, I know that unless the non black & brown Americans see blacks as human beings “nothing will change”.

    1. Sorry Sally, That is really your loss as Senior Planet is a wonderful, inclusive organization that helps a LOT of people. Maybe your heart will grow a few sizes to appreciate ALL of God’s children, then you can seek forgiveness and be redeemed. God bless and keep you.

    2. Sally, I appreciate your comment. I too will be cancelling my membership since I did not realize that I was joining an activist organization which recognizes only one viewpoint as valid. Inclusivity has to recognize a difference of opinions.

      1. Thanks for writing in, Suanne and Sally. We hear your concerns and appreciate both of you taking the time to express your voices.

        Senior Planet is a project of the nonprofit Older Adults Technology Services (OATS), and social advocacy has always been at the heart of what OATS does. You can read more about OATS advocacy here ( We speak out about many issues that impact older adults, including ageism, workforce discrimination, transit issues, and more. We also empower older adults to advocate for the issues that matter to them. We specifically offer a course called ACTivate that teaches digital tools for civic engagement, and its participants have had respectful, meaningful conversations even when they disagree politically. People at Senior Planet come from all over the political spectrum, and we’re proud of that! Difference of opinion is welcome here.

        We are not a political advocacy group; we expressly do not endorse any political candidates or parties. Protecting the human rights of Black people is something that Americans across the political spectrum have fought for.

        You’ll find that Senior Planet is a politically diverse group, united by our desire to improve the lives of older adults everywhere. We hope to see you both at a Senior Planet program soon!

      2. I was browsing this site and getting ready to join, but after seeing this statement regarding “justice”, I am no longer interested. I’m a biracial woman, black, latino,jewish AND a woman (a monopoly on minorities) I KNOW through research and statistics that this so-called “injustice” against blacks in America is simply a political narrative and not fact based. If this group is “taking ” sides, I will find a group that is neutral and leaves politics to the individual.

  6. Hello all. These are challenging times. I challenge you, your friends and your community to keep alive the race and racism conversation ( badly needed) by establishing a Truth and Reconciliation Commission on all levels of government: local, state and national. Write a barrage of letters/ emails/ Tweets/ calls/ Facebook/ demonstrations/ vigils/ signs. Bear witness but press for peace through T&R!
    Make your mark in history. Be unrelenting. Thank you.

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