Senior Planet News

New Membership, New Opportunities

You’ve spoken and we listened!

In our annual 2019 survey, hundreds of diverse members of the Senior Planet community expressed their aspirations and preferences for improving the membership experience in 2020. 

Some key takeaways:

  • We value purpose and social impact. 
  • We’re eager for new in-person and online learning opportunities that can help us use technology to open up new pathways and improve our lives.
  • We want to support the Senior Planet movement by attending new member orientation, enrolling in courses and other Senior Planet programs, actively volunteering, personally engaging with other members, advocating on issues that matter to seniors, and making donations to support the cause… and having fun along the way!

In order to better serve members and build a larger, more engaged, and sustainable Senior Planet, we are making some important improvements starting in January 2020.

The new Senior Planet membership package will include…..

  • A more structured welcome and enrollment experience, including welcome packets and special orientation activities for all new members .
  • Quarterly “Impact Reports” on how Senior Planet is changing the way we age.
  • An annual “Technology Review” on the state of technology and aging, including the most useful new devices and digital tools for seniors.
  • Invitations to member events and “funraisers!”
  • And access to a growing selection of world-class Senior Planet courses, lectures, workshops, online resources like, and in-person and live-streamed special events.

In return we ask that you, as a Senior Planet member….

  • Sign the Senior Planet pledge.
  • Make an annual contribution to Senior Planet at whatever level of giving that your means may allow.  There is no minimum donation.  
  • Participate in at least one volunteer activity per year to help Senior Planet (event staffing, phone companionship, writing an elected official, phone banking, outreach).
  • Observe community norms of respect.
  • Be 60 years of age or older and ready to take steps to make life better!

You don’t need to be a member to take classes!

Not interested in becoming a member but still want to take classes? That’s OK! All Senior Planet classes (except for classes conducted at Avenidas in Palo Alto, California), lectures and special events will remain free and open to the public. You don’t need to be a member to partake in any of these offerings! But if you are interested in getting more out of Senior Planet, while also giving back, then membership is for you.

Already a Member?

Amazing! We’ll be contacting you further with more information about upcoming membership drive events, volunteer opportunities and how to participate in annual giving.

Already made a donation?

If you gave us a gift (whether it was $1 or $100) at any point in 2019, you are automatically enrolled for the additional member benefits in 2020!

Already a member but not interested in making a donation?

That’s fine! You won’t lose any access to Senior Planet classes, lectures or space. By not making an annual contribution to Senior Planet you will automatically opt out of the additional membership benefits outlined above. You can opt back in at any time by making an annual donation!

Click here to see more details!

Any questions? Please email us at or call (917) 863-4658 to speak with Pam, the Membership & Advocacy Manager.  See you soon!