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Senior Planet Entrepreneurs to hold Holiday Fair

Entrepreneur Fair

Senior Planet members are an entrepreneurial bunch. We saw that at Chelsea’s Senior Planet Fashion Show where members showed off their fashion flair and retail savvy.  Next was Senior Planet’s first-ever book fair featuring members whose published books are selling.

Arts and crafts entrepreneurs

“Last year’s Holiday Fair was a great success,” says New York Program Director Aaron Santis. “It offered the opportunity for our can-do, entrepreneurial members to show off the wonderful items they make and sell. At the same time, it gave all our members a chance to buy one-of-a kind specialty items as gifts, some that will be remembered, treasured and used for years, even decades, beyond the season.”

Beaded and mixed media jewelry, hand-made gift cards and bookmarks, silk scarves, ceramic pottery, paintings, knitted accessories including hats, gloves and scarves, and fabric artist handbags are examples of what will be available for holiday gift-giving. “Members appreciate the opportunity to go to Senior Planet’s West 25th Street location early in the season to find wonderful hand-made items that they can buy as gifts,” says Santis. “For a few, it’s one-stop shopping!”

Here’s a taste of just some of the entrepreneurs and their wares, based on information available at press time. Stop by Senior Planet New York City on December 10 (details below) to see the full array – expect to see much more at this year’s Holiday Fair!

Marylin Silverman – Ceramic Artist

For years Marylin Silverman was enchanted – her word – with clay and its many possibilities. Indeed she named her business (appropriately enough) Ceramic Hands.  According to Silverman, her inspiration comes from nature, landscapes and movement – all of them visuals that guide her hands as she works.

Silverman returns again to this year’s Holiday Fair offering her one-of-a-kind functional and sculptural pottery creations. 

Marian Goldberg – Beaded Jewelry

Jewelry maker Marian Goldberg describes herself as a retired social worker, grandmother, chorister, and helpline volunteer/advocate. And now, she’s also a jewelry maker.

How did jewelry-making become part of her description?

It began as a hobby, says Goldberg. Then, thanks to the tutelage and encouragement she received from Senior Planet, she was able to turn her rewarding hobby into her own small business: NYMama’s Beadwork. There’s a Facebook web address: NYMama’s Beadwork.

Look for Goldberg’s unique handcrafted jewelry items that are singular, striking — and sometimes playful – at the Holiday Fair.

Brenda Baulkman – Visual Artistry

For many years taking photographs was a rewarding hobby for Brenda Baulkman. What made picture-taking so appealing? According to Baulkman, she relished the hobby because photographs share stories and bring communities together.

Photographs that Baulkman has taken over a long period of time in different settings that capture everyday life will be available at the Holiday Fair. You’ll be able to choose single photographs and well as boxed 5”x7” notecards, some blank, some with messages.

Matha LeDuc – Artist

Long-time artist Martha LeDuc created paintings on paper in black and white and in color. While visits to Minnesota resulted in art inspired by scenes she found in the mid-west, it’s life in the Big Apple that has always intrigued her. It’s no surprise that her specialty is creating illustrations of life in New York City.

The City is a constant inspiration for LeDuc’s artistic muse as can be seen in line drawings, paintings and other illustrations at her website: LeDuc’s work can also be seen “in person” at the Holiday Fair.

Daryl Brook Kraus – Ceramist

One thing matters to Daryl Brook Kraus: that the items she makes be used. For this reason she dubs her work as functional, hand-built ceramics and ceramic art. She’ll bring a big selection to the Holiday Fair for members to view and possibly buy as gifts.

Many more entrepreneurial members will bring their creations to the Holiday Fair. If the sampling above — all we had by press time — is any indication, this year’s fair will be just as exciting and worthwhile as last year’s fair. Don’t miss it!

The Holiday Fair takes place at the Senior Planet Exploration Center in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood (127 West 25th Street) on Tuesday, December 10th from 4:00 to 7:00 pm EST.