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When major government policy is in the implementation stage, scam artists get busy.

It’s happening now with the Affordable Care Act – and thanks to the AARP Bulletin Twitter feed, we just learned about a new scam alert that the FTC has posted to its blog.

Here’s how the scam goes:

  • You get a call from someone purporting to be from the government.
  • This person says that because of the Affordable Care Act, the government is issuing new health ID cards and you’re getting yours soon.
  • The person then says that in order for the card to be issued to you, you need to give them your personal information – including your bank account number.

In its alert, the FTC specifies that the government has all the information it needs about you (really?) and nobody from the government will ever call you looking for personal information.

If you receive a call or email that sounds like a scam, you can help other seniors by reporting it: Call the toll-free number 1-877-FTC-HELP, or online use the FTC Complaint Assistant.

Keep an eye on the FTC Consumer Education blog for information about other phone and online scams – click here to visit the blog. You can also sign up on the blog to get updates by email.

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