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Open Thread Update: Valentine’s Day

Covid-19 is the ‘gift” that keeps on giving.  Apparently folks are too busy trying to get the vaccine to think about romance.

We reached out to learn if people had ‘in jokes” or a private language they shared with a special person, or even a friend or sibling, similar to the language I shared with my late husband: “It’s like the broken window” for a narrow escape, or “Dance for Grandma” when either of us were asked for a ‘command performance’ of some skill.  (Read more about our language here).

However, one reader shared a lovely and thoughtful practice where he lives, and he describes in in the comments, below.

Thank you, Farrell!!

I’ll keep the comments open in case anyone feels inspired – What are the words, phrases or references that signal private jokes or memories with the special people in your lives? Share the story, and tell us in the comments!


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  1. Thank you Virge, Found your reference on seniorplanet Instagram feed.
    I live with about 400 other independent residents at a life plan community and this year was special for my apartment floor. We were able to hand make some Valentine cards and find a couple of friendly gentlemen to deliver them in person to all the women on my floor. The guys had a great time and the ladies really appreciated that someone took the time to make their cards and to pay a visit. As to the origin of this fun day, I found references to an old English author’s poem and also for some religious rites then I discovered that this day is celebrated in many counties. Cupid may be Roman but it seems that Cupid has gone international. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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