Morrie and Betty Markoff Celebrate Their 77th




Senior Planet readers might remember Morrie Markoff and his wife, Betty. We wrote about Morrie, now 101, after he had his first gallery show at the age of 100 in downtown Los Angeles. (Read that here.)

When we asked Morrie at the time about aging with attitude, he talked about finding pleasure in day-to-day living: “We live a simple life but an involved life. As you get older, you are able to better put life in perspective. All the trappings of wealth, none of that appeals to me at all…. I wake up in the morning, the sun is shining.”

And there is Betty.

On November 4, Morrie and Betty celebrated their 77th wedding anniversary, and we can think of no better person to have photographed them at home than award-winning photographer Karsten Thormaehlen, whose photo project Happy at 100 we featured on Senior Planet in 2012. Karsten is currently working on a new photo book featuring centenarians from around the world.

Here’s Morrie’s comment on the picture, via Karsten:

Unplanned, we all made photographic history yesterday! A 101 year old man and his 99 year old wife in a scene of absolute joy. The expression on Betty’s, face, the exuberance, the position of the legs and arms, could never have been staged. As an old time photographer I know it is a first. This Wednesday Betty and I, and our family, will celebrate our 77th anniversary. We can only wish our good fortune happens to everyone. We well know how lucky we are… Best wishes… Morrie.

That’s aging with gratitude.

Congratulations to the Markoffs, and thanks to Karsten for allowing us to publish her photograph.

Photo: © 2015 Karsten Thormaehlen. Morrie (101) and Betty Markoff (99) at their apartment, Los Angeles CA, USA, photographed on Oct. 31, 2015 (Halloween)


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