More Adventurous Aging

Here’s another installment of pictures, culled from Pinterest, of people “Aging with Attitude” to inspire, inform, and uplift you. Curious about Pinterest? Read  “How to Use Pinterest: 4 Tips for Getting Started” on Senior Planet.)

Dancing whenever the mood strikes you


Anytime is a good time to dance through life like no one was looking….and not care if everyone did -with joy and verve, like Tao Porchon-Lynch, still dancing and still teaching yoga at 99.


Wear sunglasses with some spring…or some bling


As long as we need to follow the National Eye Institute’s advice about wearing sunglasses (to prevent cataracts or macular degeneration), let’s follow the lead of 81 year old Rita and do it with style, color and a sense of fun – she’s got 70 pairs of sunglasses and wears a different one each day.

Invest in a stylish chapeau

This stylish fellow, Wanny Di Filippo, is a well known figure in Florence, where he is the man behind the Il Bisonte leather goods label.  He’s locally famous for his impeccably groomed beard and his flamboyant and colorful styles, always accompanied by a colorful hat.

Go Gray with Flair

Celebrity stylist Lorraine Massey estimates that women spend an average of $50,000 over the course of 40 years on hair coloring; she’s encouraging women of all ages to go gray with confidence and flair – she literally wrote the book on it – Silver Hair: A Handbook.

Try Video Games

Studies have shown many advantages to playing video games. You can try casual video games (Senior Planet has the scoop on free, fun ones here).  For real adventure, try eSports like these Virtual Reality senior gamers, the Silver Snipers (Senior Planet covered them here) after you learn about VR.  Curious?

Harold  Goldberg and members of the New York Videogame Critics Circle will teach a two-day workshop on Virtual Reality on August 28 & 30 from 3:15pm to 4:45 pm each day. You can enjoy VR with Oculus Go and learn about its long history, too. It’s fun and easy.                     

Advance RSVP required. To RSVP, email or call 646-590-0615.

It’s never too late to try something new, learn something new, or just stop caring what others might think – just follow your star.  Now that’s Aging with Attitude!

Would you volunteer to share your private medical information with a research database?


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7 responses to “More Adventurous Aging

  1. I have had an interest in studying the art of aikido ( did I say I’m 71?), and I will take a few classes to see how I like it. I don’t want to fight with anybody, I just want to improve my physical and mental health in a more sublime way than going to the gym.

  2. I have a passion for inactive Pacific Northwest volcanos in the a subtropical rainforest environment. Picky.

    Have been there and done that.

    Please, it doesn’t have to be a theme like:

    “The purpose of the memo is.”

    Have well planned fun, fresh air, and a very age appropriate amount of exertion. Some mountainous areas have old timber roads to take you there.

    Need a lot of sane people. It’s a trip people.

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