We believe that trainers are the reason why the Senior Planet experience is so special! Each highly-skilled trainer has a unique story of what brought them to Senior Planet and why they love helping others harness the power of technology. Explore interviews with a few Senior Planet trainers below.

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Inspiring Stories

Meet the Trainer: Ying Cheng

Ying Cheng, trainer for Senior Planet from AARP, talks about teaching programs in Mandarin and a special class for the Lunar New Year. 
Inspiring Stories

Meet the Trainer: Pat Whitty

“I really want to do whatever I can to help people view aging as an opportunity – not a problem.”
En Español

Conoce al entrenador: Cas Castro

Cas Castro, entrenador físico de Senior Planet, habla sobre Morning Stretch, su horóscopo y kung fu.
Meet the Trainer

Meet the Trainer: Cas Castro

Cas Castro, fitness trainer for Senior Planet, talks about Morning Stretch, his horoscope and kung fu.
Meet the Trainer

Meet the Trainer: Gloria Barksdale

Gloria Barksdale is a self-described Virginia farm girl who reinvented herself into an IT wizard and teacher/trainer for Senior Planet.
Meet the Trainer

Conoce a la entrenadora: Michelle Sanchez

Michelle Sanchez, entrenadora de tecnología para Senior Planet en NYC, habla sobre su trabajo, su herencia y el Club de español.
Meet the Trainer

Meet the Trainer: Michelle Sanchez

Michelle Sanchez, technology trainer for Senior Planet in NYC, talks about her work, her heritage, and the Spanish Club.
Meet the Trainer

Meet the Trainer: Wanda Woods

If you’ve taken a class from Senior Planet in Colorado, it is likely you already know the magic Wanda Woods brings to her job as Senior Planet trainer.