• Joan Price

    Wonderful to see an article about line dancing here! I balance my main career of writing and speaking about senior sex — including my Sex at Our Age Q&A column for the Senior Planet! — with teaching line dancing twice a week (https://joanprice.com/line-dancing). I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years.

    I call line dancing “the most fun you can have with both feet on the floor.” it’s social, it’s a memory challenge, it’s a physical fitness activity, and it’s so much fun. I encourage all of you to try it!

    Realize, though, that there are line dance classes on many levels of difficulty and complexity. Be sure you’re starting with a beginner class, even if you’ve had other dance experience. And know that you don’t have to get it all the first time, or the first 20 times. Everyone in the class was a first-timer once, and they’re welcoming and patient with new people. If you don’t like the first class you try, try some others. Every instructor has a different style, pacing, teaching skill.

    Most of all, enjoy!

    — Joan Price

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