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May Is Senior Sex Month!


Sex at our age?!? Stereotypes aside, yes! The vast majority of people 55 to 64 are having sex; the same goes for more than half of 65- to 84-year-olds. And that’s just partnered sex.

Many of us are having sex, and some wish we were – at our age, staying sexually satisfied can be a bumpy ride. But while we might hit roadblocks, most of us want sex to keep being a part of our lives as we grow older, any way we can.

With that in mind, Senior Planet is proclaiming May Senior Sex Month. We’ll be loudly celebrating our bodies and our sexual selves, and bringing you information, answers and inspiration via a new column by senior sexpert Joan Price.


Announcing “Sex at Our Age” with Joan Price


Joan is the author of the award-winning book “Naked At Our Age: Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex” and a frequent speaker on later life sex and sexuality. (Read our interview with Joan here.) In her new Senior Planet column Sex at Our Age, starting next week Joan will answer your questions – anything goes, from problems around decreased desire to solo sex and sex issues with your partner

Joan’s message: Sex in our later year can be rich and immensely satisfying. And if it isn’t, know that for every challenge, there is a solution. All we need is information, adaptation, creativity and a sense of humor.

To submit a question, email


The Senior Sex Month Challenge: Get Naked


To kick off Senior Sex Month, we asked Joan to come up with a challenge:

Do something new naked!
Then tell us about it.

Really! Surprise yourself and surprise us – if it isn’t so sexy, then just make it funny.

A few ideas from Joan:

  • Dance naked
  • Sleep naked
  • Fantasize about answering the door naked
  • Email your partner/date naked
  • Pose naked for a nudie (yes – a naked selfie!)
  • Serve breakfast naked (serve yourself if there’s no-one else)
  • Watch your favorite hot movie naked

And if none of those ideas float your boat, improvise.

As we age, it’s easy to grow disconnected from our bodies. What with the aches and pains, the flab and wrinkles, we’re just not as comfortable with our naked selves as we once were. Reconnecting is a big part of getting our sexy back.

Comment below if you accept the challenge! (Feel free to invent an anonymous screen name; email addresses will not be visible). Then come back and tell us how it went. No photos please!


Sex at Our Age: Send Joan Your Questions



Looking for an answer or some information? Joan will select Senior Planet readers’ questions to respond to in her column. To send Joan a question, email it to All questions will be anonymous.




Are you taking the Get Naked challenge? Add your comments below.


Read our interview with Joan Price 
Watch Joan, Walker Thornton and Ashton Applewhite discuss ageless sex
Read about the New England Journal of Medicine’s recent study of senior sex


25 responses to “May Is Senior Sex Month!

  1. Oooh, what frisky folks you are! Thank you for all these great naked (and almost naked) ideas.

    Wish we had a photo of all you decked out in your altogether, showing the world that pretty much whatever works in clothes can work without them!

    Jan, that song by Leonard Cohen is one of my all-time favorites. I’ve listened to it over and over.

    – Joan

    1. Me too. I loves me some Leonard Cohen.
      After 25 years of marriage and never having been with anyone else, in order to get back in the game I was invited to become a nudist (for one year) up at Elysium in Topanga Canyon, CA. Shyly, I finally disrobed and when nobody threw rocks or set their hair on fire I felt fine and even had a fun relationship for that year. Now, me being nude in daylight is only used as a birth control device. Can’t get preggie when they scream and run like hell. Well, okay, so I can’t get preggie anyway…good thing too. It would embarrass my grandkids.

      1. Jan, you are hilarious. But I hope you realize from your nudist experience that all bodies are accepted and, indeed, beautiful.

        We can say “bye bye!” to those youth-focused, media-enforced ideas that only young, firm bodies can be sexy. It’s up to us to realize that we can redefine what’s sexy and beautiful.

      2. Oh Joan, I truly know that. After doing my own scientific study I determined that having cellulite indicates great sensuality and excess flab proves an abundance of brilliant intellect. My heart simply aches for Heidi Klum.

  2. Once I turned 69, it seemed like a good time to start writing short stories about seniors who are still “frisky”! I’ve been writing about a couple from Iowa, married nearly 50 years, who can still do what they did at 18, just not as frequently. If you like, have a look at my favorite couple’s web site –

  3. My wife is 75 …I’m late 60’s… in honor of the month she has: greeted the UPS guy in garter belt and stockings… (he was very pleased); and in honor of her birthday, flashed (her boobs) at a local outdoor bar, resulting in some applause! You’re NEVER too old!

  4. Joined the local naturist ranch last year at age 62 and love the wonderful people I have met there! Folks of all ages who enjoy sun on their skin are fun to be around.

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  6. Naked yoga, naked water volleyball, naked coffee making, and naked sex in the window (with or without a partner) — I think May is off to a lively start! What else are you doing naked?

    My answer to the first of your senior sex questions will go live shortly. If you have a question you’d like me to answer, email

    I can’t answer every question, but if you ask about a topic that will interest many of our readers, yours may be the next one chosen!

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    — Joan

  7. I am a female naturist (63) and together with friends regularly do all of the things in your suggestions list in the nude.
    To add a couple, I have played water volleyball and boules, rollerskated and practised yoga naked.

  8. This is aligned with The June 1st celebration of my holiday “Granny’s Still Got It and Grandpa, Too!”
    See the article on these pages and
    If you love Senior Planet and who doesn’t, you may also want to join the Facebook’ Group “Graying and Giggling in the Age of Googling”
    See Dr. Ruth and me tell everyone vibrators are good for everyone. No cranky people allowed.
    Hugs, former nudist Jan Marshall

  9. In celebration of senior sex month, I plan to have naked sex in my livingroom window. (It’s the new honesty.) Provided I find someone to have sex with. (I’m a little bit picky) If not, maybe I’ll go ahead with it anyway. I’m 80. Stay tuned to You Tube!

  10. I already sleep naked and often make coffee for my um boyfriend (he’s 61) but i prefer to drink it with a a shirt on, you know, to avoid any errant dribbles.

    just finished reading your book “Naked at Our Age” and came away with a few ideas! Thanks and I look forward to hearing from your readers!

  11. Why couldn’t I click on her email address just above this note and be connected to the site?
    How will we get our answers? Will all of FB see the questions and answers?

    1. Hi, and thanks for asking. To send an email, just copy and paste the email address, or type it straight into your email program. Joan will respond to questions in her column. The questions that Joan answers in her column will be anonymous. Joan will remove any potentially identifying details, so nobody will know who asked them. We will not post questions or answers on Facebook; we will link to Joan’s column from Facebook, but will only mention topics. Let us know if you have any other concerns – we want everyone to feel safe to ask their questions!

      1. Either way works – in the comments here, or via email. If you ask in the comments, people reading this article will be able to see the question along with your screen name; email is more private. Your choice!

      2. If you do present your question here as a comment, please ALSO email it with some background so that I can answer you best.

        I’ll need to know how to email you back if I have a question about what you’re asking, so please email your question.

        — Joan

  12. I’m thrilled that I’ll have the privilege of answering your questions in this new “Sex at Our Age” column!

    When you send me your question, include any background information that will help me understand what information you seek. I’ll edit your question before posting an answer. Your identity will not be revealed, and I’ll strip any identifying details.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Joan Price

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