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Longest Married Couple Tweet Relationship Advice


He’s 104 and she’s 100. Eighty-three years ago when they ran away to get married, that four years represented a big age difference — she was still in high school; he was a Syrian refugee who had made it to the US and was getting by peddling produce in Connecticut and cruising in his Ford Roadster.


By now, John and Ann Betar have ironed out any differences. They are thought to be the longest-married couple in the United States, and on Valentine’s Day they dispensed advice to younger lovebirds via the Twitter account of Handy, an online marketplace for home services.

As marketing gimmicks go, Handy’s did a fine job of connecting the generations. People with questions tweeted them during the week preceding Valentine’s Day, and Handy tweeted back answers from the Betars to a few of those questions. How relevant is a centenarian couple’s experience to a 20- or 30-year-old? In an interview with the Washington Post, John talked about how different things are today, especially technology; he has a cellphone rely on it for much. Asked if he were to ask Annie out today, how he’d do it, he said he’d probably Google her, then text her to invite her on a date.

Still, some things don’t change — as the tweets below show.

Several questions tweeted to the Betars remained unanswered, among them:

  • What is your best advice to defeat the monotony and keep the fire burning?
  • During arguments/disagreements is it wise to agree to disagree sometimes or should a couple seek a resolution together?
  • What is your secret to make each other happy and loving each other for such a long time?

If you have answers to these questions — or to any of the questions the Betars responded to — share them in the comments section below and we’ll tweet them!

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