Multi-week courses at our center in Chelsea begin October 9th. Visit the center from Monday, October 2nd to Friday, October 6th from 11:00am to 4:00pm EDT to register in person.


10-Week Course

Beyond the Basics – Chrome Browser-Based

Take your digital game to the next level.
10-Week Course

Computer Basics

Your gateway to the digital world.
5-Week Course

Computer Essentials

This 5-week course covers the essentials of how to use the basic functions of a personal computer, how to navigate the internet, and how to send and receive email.
5-Week Course

Exploring Smartphone Apps

Curious about your smartphone and what it's capable of? then this series is for you!
5-Week Course

Facebook Fundamentals

This 5-week, hands-on series of workshops will guide you through the different things you can do with Facebook!
5-Week Course

Free Your Photos

Have your pictures taken over your smartphone?
5-Week Course

Get Creative with Canva

This hands-on series of presentations and workshops will explore Canva to express your creativity digitally.
5-Week Course

Instagram Fundamentals

Ready to do more on Instagram? During this hands-on, 5-week series you'll learn about all that Instagram has to offer and practice using the photo and video sharing platform.
5-Week Course

Introduction to Digital Culture

This course is a great opportunity to meaningfully practice skills that you learned in a Basics or Essentials course.
5 Weeks

iPad Essentials

This 5-week course will cover the essentials of how to use the Apple iPad, how to navigate the internet, and how to send and receive email.
5-Week Course

Privacy and Security Primer

Curious about how best to manage privacy and security risks while taking advantage of all the internet has to offer?
5-Week Course

Smartphone Photography

From still life to selfies, master your phone’s state-of-the-art camera.
5-Week Course

Using Google Workspace Tools

Whether you are simply curious about Google tools, preparing for a job search or new employment—or both—this series is for you!