Accessibility at Our Chelsea Center

The Senior Planet Exploration Center in Chelsea strives to provide an accessible, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all visitors, participants, and patrons.  We offer accessible facilities and programming that is open to all older adults.  For individuals with disabilities we provide the following services and resources.

For Individuals With Visual Impairments

The center provides visually assistive enhancements such as text readers and text enlargers to all technology equipment in use for scheduled programming as well as public-use devices and special presentations. The center also is equipped with adjustable lighting throughout the environment to provide varying levels of visibility to patrons as needed.

For Individuals With Hearing Impairment

Assistive-hearing technologies are incorporated into our tablet devices, desktop PCs, Chromebooks, and other devices used in programming.  The Center’s robust audio infrastructure provides area-specific speaker routing and sufficient overhead volume to fill the space in all use cases.  Additionally, those with T-coil hearing aids can ask for a receiver that will connect them with audio from our presentations; those without T-coil hearing aids can ask for earbuds along with the receiver.

For Individuals With Mobility Impairments

The center provides main-entrance wheelchair access and handicapped-accessible and -equipped lavatories.  Each restroom is outfitted with large entranceways and multi-wall support rails.  Furthermore, the center’s programming spaces are wheelchair accessible and provide ample room and designated seating areas for participants with mobility impairments.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome at the center.


We welcome any person who is accompanying and assisting a disabled visitor.

Additional Considerations

If our existing accommodations do not reasonably suit a member’s accessibility needs, the center is happy to work with visitors on a case-by-case basis to meet their needs through reasonable accommodation. Simply contact us and let us know what specific additional accommodations may be required to enable your full participation in any activity at the center.

Contact Us

The center will respond promptly and may engage the individual or their representative in interactive dialogue to obtain any additional information necessary to craft an appropriate solution.

The center always welcomes comments and suggestions about how we might continue to improve our programs for visitors with disabilities. Please visit during our operating hours or contact us at any time.