Winter 2020 Courses

Courses for the upcoming winter quarter begin in February. Registration will begin in January, please call our partner sites directly to enroll in courses. Click here for more information about Senior Planet courses in Montgomery County.


5-Week Course

Chrome Essentials

Need the internet? Learn the essentials in five weeks.
5-Week Course

Computer Essentials

Your express ticket to the digital world.
5-Week Course

Digital Storytelling

Create an online time capsule in five weeks.
5-Week Course

Introducción a la cultura digital para computadora

No se puede escapar de la era digital, ¿por qué no unirse a ella?
5-Week Course

Introduction to Digital Culture for iPads

You can’t escape the digital age, so why not join it?
5-Week Course

iPad Essentials

Become an iPad whiz in five weeks.
5-Week Course

Serie de Presentaciones Para Explorar Tecnología

Le espera los descubrimientos.