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Using Google Workspace Tools – CO

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Date & Time

Wednesdays & Fridays @ 3:15pm – 4:30pm
April 12 – April 28

Program Series Description

Anyone with a Gmail account has access to a variety of free Google tools! In this 10-session series, we’ll explore Drive, Slides, and Sheets. These tools help you store files, stay organized, create presentations, and more. The series will combine an introductory lecture with hands-on sessions dedicated to using the tools, and you’ll also learn how these skills can transfer to other productivity software, such as Microsoft Office. Whether you’re just curious about Google tools, preparing for a job search or new employment—or both—this series is for you!

This series entails:
– Google Workspace (lecture) + Google Drive (workshop)
-Google Docs (2 workshops)
-Google Slides (2 workshops)
-Google Sheets (2 workshops)
-2 open sessions to continue practicing what you choose!

If you need assistance creating a Gmail account, please call the Senior Planet Hotline at 888-713-3495.

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