5-Week Course

Tools for Virtual Activism

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Course Description

The internet is more than a source for information and entertainment. It is also an important platform for raising your voice. In this multi-session series, you’ll learn about digital tools used by activists in their campaigns for change. Weekly lectures, followed by hands-on workshops, will give you the opportunity to sign online petitions, use Twitter to support causes, contact elected officials online, and more. This series meets twice per week for five consecutive weeks.

  • Week 1: Virtual Activism (lecture) + Change.org (workshop)
  • Week 2: Twitter (lecture) + Getting Started with Twitter (workshop)
  • Week 3: Online Tools for Contacting your Lawmakers (lecture) + Causes (workshop)
  • Week 4: Messaging Apps (lecture) + WhatsApp (workshop)
  • Week 5: Crowdfunding for a Cause (lecture) + Charity Navigator (workshop)

Course Prerequisites

This series is best suited for participants who are comfortable performing internet searches and filling out forms online.