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Intro to Digital Culture (Morning) – CO

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Date & Time

Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 9:45am – 11:00am
May 16 – June 13

Program Series Description

From communicating with others to staying healthy, digital tools and technologies affect much of our lives. By the end of this 5-week course, you’ll use the internet to contact your lawmakers, learn about health-related topics, connect with others offline and online, and explore your interests and passions. You’ll also learn best practices for staying safe online and using social media. This course is a great opportunity to meaningfully practice skills that you learned in a Basics or Essentials course.
Prerequisites: You should have taken a Basics or Essentials course for your device, or be familiar enough with your device to use it independently in class. You must also have an email address. For assistance with setting up an email address, please call the Senior Planet Hotline at 888-713-3495.

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