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Digital Tools for Creative Expression – CO

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Dates & Times

Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 11:15am – 12:30pm
May 16 – June 15

Course Description

Are you creative or interested in becoming more creative? This hands-on series of presentations and workshops will explore some of the most popular ways to express your creativity digitally. It builds on technology you already use and brings in new tools. We’ll learn about sharing photos with smartphones as well as popular apps and platforms like Instagram and Canva. We’ll also explore the multimedia, storytelling platform, Enwoven. Whether it’s sharing photos or stories with friends and family or creating greeting cards, this series is for you!

This series entails:
– Smartphone Photography (lecture) + Sharing Photos from a Smartphone (workshop for both iPhone & Android)
– Google Workspace (lecture) + Google Photos (workshop)
– Instagram (lecture) + Getting started with Instagram (workshop)
– Digital Storytelling (lecture) + Enwoven (workshop)
– Graphic Design Tools (lecture) + Getting Started with Canva (workshop)

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