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Lives of the Winged and Furry: Wildlife Cams

What do you feel like watching today: your favorite TV show, or a mama long-eared owl caring for her brand new fluffy chicks right now in Missoula, Montana? Maybe some penguins in the Antarctic? A litter of recently rescued kittens in their cage?

Live feeds of these and other creatures are available online for your viewing pleasure.  Check in once in a while or spend a chunk of time immersing yourself. It’s an innocent sort of voyeurism, and the connection it can give you to life in the wild is compelling.

To browse a number of different creature-cams, check out the website Explore, a multimedia nonprofit that champions the selfless work done by individuals around the world. Not all of the cams yield interesting feeds all the time – animals sleep, after all.

Currently screening is the scene at a Pacific Northwest Beach loved by the local walruses.

The sound effects are a scream!

Streaming Live by Ustream

Click here to see more creature-cams on Explore.



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