Linky Sunday: Jobs for older workers, the “grandmother hypothesis” and more

Put on the coffee and prepare your cursor – it’s Linky Sunday :)  

Last week, the Wall Street Journal itemized three industries where prospects will be good for older workers: education, health care and consulting. Read more about that here.

New computer simulations are providing support for the theory that human lifespans increased because grandmothers helped feed their grandchildren after weaning. Curious? Click here to learn about “the grandmother hypothesis.”

If you want to guard against dementia and cognitive decline, dump the Sudoko and take a brisk walk, according to a major new research study, which links aerobic activity with less shrinkage of the brain’s gray matter. Find out more on Medical News Today.

Social connections help us handle the challenges of aging, but if you’re lonely, taking a glass half full approach can keep you healthy. A new Canadian study shows that positive thinking helps the lonely ward off age-related chronic illness. Read more here.

One in 10 Americans 65 and older use tablets, according to a new survey, and half of us use our tablets for health care management – which means that doctors should be asking us how we want them to communicate with us. That’s just one recommendation spurred by the findings of two new research studies on how older people are using digital information. Get more info here.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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