Linky Sunday: World’s Oldest Triplets Turn 80, 106-year-old Gets Her HS Diploma…


 It’s Linky Sunday: Put on the coffee and prepare your cursor :)

Here’s our roundup of  the past week’s links from around the web:

oldest-triplets.tnThe world’s oldest triplets turned 80. When Audrey, Alan and Lucas O’Donnell were born in Manchester, UK in 1933, doctors didn’t expect them to survive; the smallest weighed just 2lbs and was wrapped in cotton balls and aluminum foil for warmth. Last week all three turned 80. Between them, they have 35 grandchildren. Read more about the triplets by clicking here.

A new computer literacy resource launched. The Public Library Association just launched a website designed to provide basic computer tutorials.  The site is still growing and adding lessons; right now, there are simple and clear instructions for doing a Google search, using email and getting started on a PC using Windows 7.  Click here to visit

Reba Williams finally got her high school diploma at 106. An Ohio woman graduated in a special ceremony conducted at her home after an education department supervisor learned about her story: Williams had completed all 12 years of school as a child but never received her diploma because she refused to read an assigned book she had read before and hadn’t liked. Clearly, her stubborn streak has get her going! Read the story here.

The problem with assisted living. America’s “foremost advocate for people in assisted living,” blogger Martin Bayne, spoke with Judith Graham for her New Old Age column in the New York Times. The interview is a must-read inside view of longterm care and Bayne’s vision for change. Click here for the Q&A.

Job hunting tips for older workers. US New & World Report has come up with a list of dos and don’ts for anyone unfortunate enough to unemployed over 50. While some of the tips might not be new to you, a couple surprised us. Click here to read them.

Twitter founder wants to run for mayor of NYC. Jack Dorsey, who founded Twitter seven years ago and is now a billionaire, admits that he’s more comfortable communicating via text message and 140-character tweets than in face-face meetings, but he told 60 Minutes that nonetheless, he would like to be mayor of the city he admires. Click to watch the video.

A new approach to hip replacement is showing promising results. The technique, anterior hip replacement, requires a shorter recovery period and may lead to fewer issues later. Read the report, plus dozens of comments by people describing their own experiences, by clicking here.

Social media eases loneliness. Yet another study, this one in Australia, has shown that social media can significantly decrease feelings of loneliness, especially among the homebound. The study participants used Facebook, Skype and Twitter; Facebook ended up being the most popular and frequently accessed, with Skye coming in second and Twitter following far behind. Click here to read the study, and share your social media preferences in the comments below.

Your Sunday LOL Thanks to Laughing Squid for pointing us to this video: a pair of penguins at the Aquarium of the Pacific playing a catch-the-mouse game on the iPad. Click here to read a blog entry by the penguin’s keeper, Hugh.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Photo: Manchester evening News Syndication


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  1. I don’t know if it matters, but the O’Donnell triplests weren’t the oldest living triplets in 2013. The Nunley triplets, AV, RC, and Mable Lee, were born November 12, 1926, in Martin, Tennessee. The sad part is, on March 7, 2014, the first of the triplets passed away.

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