Linky Sunday: Debate Watch, Medicare Enrollment, and More

Welcome to Linky Sunday. Put on the coffee and prepare your cursor. It’s time to click.

Last week, the Social Security administration announced that the 2013 cost of living adjustment for people collecting Social Security will be just 1.7 percent.  That’s $19.21 more on the average check.  The anticipated increase in 2013 to the Medicare Part B premium?  More than $9 per month. Read more.

Speaking of Medicare… CNN Money looks at Medicare’s byzantine rules and itemizes four Medicare enrollment mistakes that are easy to make, especially if you’re working past 65.  Click here to read them all.

Need a reminder to get to the poll (and then to vote in those pesky school board elections next year)? Sign up for email prompts from TurboVote. The new democracy-friendly nonprofit was designed with distracted students in mind and also offers (too late for now) to help you get registered for mail-in votes.

Last week, Elderblogger Ronni Bennett organized a Google Hangout for several older people to live videochat during the presidential debate. You can watch what happened by clicking here.

Have you seen or read anything interesting this past week? Share it by posting a link to it in the comments box below. Happy Sunday!

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