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It’s Linky Sunday – put on the coffee and prepare your cursor :)
We’ve gathered up some of the week’s best stories from around the web.


Eureka! There’s been a lot of talk recently about anti-aging research – an idea that’s less about wrinkles and more about eradicating “diseases of aging” like cancer and diabetes. Now, for the first time, scientists say they have found a cause of aging in animals that can lead to a reversal of the process – much in the same way that rigorous exercise and calorie restriction can, by restoring communication within our cells between the the mitochondria or “battery packs” and the nuclei. They also say they discovered a powerful link between cancer and aging. The researchers hope to start human trials late next year. Read more on Science Codex by clicking here.

5 things to know about your blood pressure You may have heard reports last week about new treatment guidelines for older patients with high blood pressure; the guidelines could significantly change the way doctors think about whether or not to prescribe medications. published a helpful list of five things you should know about those guidelines. Click here to read them on

apptivity-seatThe iGeneration Bloggers are petitioning toy behemoth Fisher Price to take one of its latest baby bouncing chairs off the market. The chair, apptly called the Apptivity Chair (OMG, too many puns) is designed to hold an iPad – an effortless way to keep your baby entertained. According to the organization Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, the petition has been signed by more than 12,000 parents, grandparents and others. What do you think? Click here to read more and let us know in the comments below!

Women onscreen aren’t allowed to grow old erotically So says psychologist, feminist and author Lynne Segal in an Guaridan opinion piece, where she concludes that “The most influential women’s voices tackling old age tend to suggest they are contentedly post-sexual, “free at last” from erotic passion. Given the complexities of desire, I am sceptical.” Click here to read Segal in the Guardian and here to read Segal talk about how we experience aging, on Senior Planet.

Nominate a senior’s Purpose Prize “honors individuals making a monument out of what many consider the leftover years, not only finding personal meaning but doing creative and entrepreneurial work aimed at solving fundamental problems facing the nation and the world today.” Nominations are now open for the 2014 prize. Click here to nominate a senior for the Purpose Prize, and watch the video below to learn more.


Walker-Thornton-Senior-PlanetSpeaking of awards… Senior Planet contributor Walker Thornton, aka “the Diva of Dating,” is up for the WEGO Health Activists award for her writing about older women’s sexuality and sexual health. On her WEGO profile, she says “I want to challenge the stigma that exists around sexuality and help to promote healthy sexuality, which incorporates talking about STIs and safety.” The WEGO award is designed to “help you recognize the health leaders that you admire most ” by asking, Who inspired you? Click here to read Walker’s writing on Senior Planet and here to read her blog; if you’re inspired, you can click here to endorse her.

What will your last 10 years look like? Last week Upworthy, a website for viral content about “stuff that matters,” featured a video created by the Heart & Stroke Foundation that makes a powerful case for staying vital in old age by making lifestyle changes. Upworthy’s push gave the video more than a million and a half views on YouTube – unusual for a PSA targeted at older adults! Watch it below and check out Upworthy by clicking here.


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