Linky Sunday: Ageism Brit-style, Apple vs. ‘Droid, Obamacre & Medicare…


It’s Linky Sunday – put on the coffee and prepare your cursor :)
We’ve gathered up some of the week’s best stories from around the web.

When a compliment isn’t really… Slate’s “Gentleman Scholar” columnist, Troy Patterson, responded to a reader who submitted the question: “I’m an Older Gentleman. Why Do Clerks Love to Call Me Young Man?” If it happens to you or someone you know (and who hasn’t experienced some version of this?) we recommend you read Patterson’s smart advice. Click here.

To age is to fail A feisty opinion piece in Britain’s Guardian newspaper slammed the media for assuming that older women are all “embittered old hags, spending every waking moment yearning for lost youth.” One of her examples: a weekly TV show called “How Not to Get Old,” which promotes cosmetic surgery as a remedy for aging. The piece has garnered almost 400 comments so far. Click here for a window into aging, British style.

Online Social Security scam Identity thieves are stealing obtain the personal information of Social Security beneficiaries and rerouting the victims’ direct deposit payments to their own prepaid debit cards to spend as cash. USA reported on the scam and quoted the advice of one official, who said that beneficiaries can block changes to direct deposit by contacting Social Security. Click here for more information.

Imagine the challenge: Aging in place when “home” is a rambling nunnery and your whole community is advancing in years. NPR told the story of a dwindling population of older nuns trying to survive on tiny stipends in Springfield, Mass, and unable to afford alternative living situations. Click here to listen to the segment online or here to read the transcript.

Two worlds A terrific piece of longform journalism in The American prospect explored the realities of LGBT elders – both those who are lucky enough to be moving into spiffy gated communities designed for the Stonewall generation and the majority, who are entering older age financially and socially disadvantaged after decades of discriminatory treatment. It’s a must-read – click here.

“Will Obamacare affect Medicare?” With mass confusion gripping the population, U.S. News & World Report decided to get to the bottom of it, and came up with five myths and facts – actually, three myths and two partial myths. Bottom line: Premiums will rise a bit – but they would have anyway; in some cases, meds will cost more; everything else is a red herring. Click here to see what’s what.

Apple Vs. Android  NY Times tech guru David Pogue pitted Apple’s iOS (iPhone and iPad) against Android (phone and tablet) to see which has a better voice recognition system, allowing you to speak your messages and commands rather than tapping them onto the keyboard. He put the results in a 90-second video, so you can see for yourself. Click here to see more Pogue tech videos.


Does copper put us at risk for Alzheimer’s? Or does copper protect us from Alzheimer’s? The jury is out after a British study published last week found that  copper – which we ingest from tap water, red meat, shellfish and some produce as – interferes with the ability of the brain to remove a protein implicated in the development of the disease. Click here to read more.

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