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Is the Betty White Show Ageist?


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This week on “Yo, Is This Ageist?” Anonymous asked:

Dear Yo,

I came across this new TV show, “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers,”  in which Betty and her contemporaries play pranks on folks who are of a lesser age, like suddenly flash mob dancing in a mall, or asking passersby whether it’s okay to go all the way on a first date.

So is this condescending? Ageist? Stupid and badly written television comedy? Which is it?

Ashton responds:

It’s stupid and badly written, definitely, and therefore condescending. But it’s better to see olders on dumb television than not on television at all, and they’re holding their own. So I give Betty & Co. a thumbs up.

What do you think? Get opinionated by scrolling down to the comments box and having your say.


2 responses to “Is the Betty White Show Ageist?

  1. Whether it’s ageist, or not, one thing I know for certain, it’s disgusting. Ole Betty somehow sees herself as some over-sexed babe and she’s nothing more than a disgusting old woman. We had seen the show once, and accidentally caught the beginning of another before we could shut it off. Both had nuns saying terrible things, both about sex. The second one I mentioned above had an actress nun asking a young guy where she could get a boob job because she was after a hot priest. This was shown in prime time folks. If parents have that on, they are certainly allowing their children to see discrimination and intolerance at its evil low.

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