Is it Ageist to Assume an Older Renter Won’t Have Wild Parties?

This week on “Yo, Is This Ageist?” Anonymous asked: I have found that one of the few benefits of being 60 is that when I enquire about a place to rent on Craigslist, everyone is wildly enthusiastic about having me rent their place, I suppose because I am not a reckless 20-year-old who is going to have wild parties. Is this ageist? Can ageist be positive? 

The assumption is ageist. You could test it by omitting your age from future applications.

The behavior is illegal. If they ask how old you are and sigh with relief, make your housewarming party a wild kegger.

As to whether ageism can be positive, stereotypes can confer benefits, but usually at the expense of another group and always at the expense of a diverse society.

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