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“I want to please my wife!”

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“Wanting to Please My Wife” 

I’m 80 and my wife is 74. Like many men advanced in age, my ability to get an erection decreased over time. We used Viagra for a while, but the side effects were more than we were willing to accept. Eventually we quit trying and gave up on intercourse. My wife always helps me to reach orgasm about once a week. She, however, has not had sexual pleasure for probably five years.

I have become interested in cunnilingus and have read several books on the subject. I did not know that so many people use oral sex as a replacement for the more normal, old-fashioned,penetrative sex.

My question is this: can we get her to reach orgasm after years of no sexual activity? What are the pitfalls to our achieving some pleasure from oral sex at our ages? Thanks for any help and encouragement.

– Wanting to Please My Wife

Joan Price Responds:

As you’ve discovered, you are capable of sexual pleasure and orgasm without an erection or intercourse. So is your wife! I’m a little startled that you haven’t experimented with ways to give her sexual pleasure over the last five years, but I’m glad you wrote, and it’s never too late to learn. No, there are no pitfalls to learning new techniques to please her.

You didn’t say how your wife helps you reach orgasm. I imagine it’s with her hand, her mouth, or both. You can do the same for her. Most women experience orgasm more easily with fingers, mouth, or a vibrator than through partner intercourse anyway. Oral sex isn’t a “replacement” for penetrative sex – it’s an arousing, often orgasmic experience all its own! I encourage you to see cunnilingus and all other sexual stimulation techniques as normal and delightful – whether or not penetrative sex can happen.

Here are some recommended books to help you learn to pleasure your wife:

How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure: Totally Explicit Techniques Every Woman Wants Her Man to Knowby Lou Paget

She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman” by Ian Kerner

The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus: How to Go Down on a Woman and Give Her Exquisite Pleasure” 2nd ed. by Violet Blue

No techniques from a book can help you as much as your wife telling or showing you what arouses her. Every woman is different in what she likes and how she likes it. You might try approaching her in one of these ways:

  •  “You give me so much pleasure when you bring me to orgasm. I’d like to do the same for
    you. Can you help me know what would arouse you?”
  •  “I’d love to arouse you with my mouth, if you’d like that. Please guide me because I’m
    new at this and I want it to be good for you.”
  •  “Help me know how to excite you. Tell me ‘softer,’ ‘harder,’ ‘faster,’ ‘slower,’ and give
    me directional signals, please.”

If she feels uncomfortable instructing you, try telling her, “Take a look at these books that a sex educator recommended. Bookmark anything that you’d enjoy having me do for you.”

Besides learning cunnilingus, I hope you’ll explore sex toys with your wife. They’re not really “toys” – they’re orgasm tools. Don’t select one for her, because you can’t be sure what she’d like. Instead, if you’re in a city that has a progressive, education-based sex toy shop, take her there and let her pick out whatever she’d like. If there’s no woman-friendly sex toy shop nearby,
my blog has links to several online stores that I endorse. You can read my sex toy reviews there, too.

Bottom line: concentrate on exploring what kinds of touch and stimulation arouse your wife and discovering how you can give her sexual pleasure. Read “A Senior’s Guide to Sex Without Intercourse” on Senior Planet for more tips. You might also watch my webinar, “Great Sex Without Penetration,” together.

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2 responses to ““I want to please my wife!”

  1. Dear Joan, this is my first attemp at reaching out for your advice . I am 68 years and hubby is 69years. Marriend for 47yrs, not with out heart complications over the past few years lack of libido from hubby loss of interest in my body all together and sleeps on his side of the bed wnith his back to me. When i try to snuggle into him he “like in a coma” meaning no response. I trie d asking him recently why he doesnt cuddle up to me, he replied in a rather nasty voice that i was trying to start an argument. I dont know which way to turn . He has been irritable, angry ,scarcastic and i am ready to leave. This situation has gradually got worse over the past four years. I have tried oral sex with hubby bringing him to an organism. He does not have the interest to keep me satisfied… i do not know where to go or what to do ,am i expecting too much.

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