How’s Your Summer Bod? Watch This!

It’s heating up, and the Summer Bod commercials are out in force.

Sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves? Bikini, tankini or full-on cover? Aargh!

Sometimes we need a little schooling in the Love Your Body & Be Yourself department, and sometimes that schooling may come from a young electro-pop rapper who has so much I-don’t-care-what-you-think attitude, it makes those inspirational aging quotes feel like mass-produced vanilla.

The rapper is Miss Eave, and her latest song and music video, “Thunder Thighs,” is so infectiously joyful, it will make you want to strip down to your wrinkles, jiggle your flab and laugh.

“Thunder Thighs” features women of all shapes and ages—from a young teen to a couple of older ladies—flaunting their far from perfect summer bods and having a blast doing it. Miss Eave, AKA multimedia artist Shanthony Exum, wrote, sang and directed the DIY project in her Bed Stuy Brooklyn neighborhood with friends and locals.

“Our main request was everyone wear something they feel comfortable and confident in,” Exum  told Jezebel. “I love that Parvati and Marjorie (the older women) showed up sans bra. It was a total empowering zero F’s moment.”

Exum’s self-described “It’s my body, take-no-shit lyrics” are, she says, “Rabid animals of honesty.” And that’s what makes them so great.  It’s her love-yourself attitude as much as her multi talents that have earned her a European tour, a “feel good video of the summer” tag and lots of attention on social media in advance of her next album, “Feministy.”

“For me, it is very important to focus on style over brands and to show that anyone can have style and interpret style in various ways.”


Are you flaunting it this summer?


One response to “How’s Your Summer Bod? Watch This!

  1. Well, at 80+, not so much, but I still enjoy fashion. I wear what’s comfortable, which is what I wore 30 years ago (now more of the T-shirts and jeans of my non-work hours) with some modifications. I want to look as good as I can but not ridiculous.

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