How the Internet Put a Powerful Quote in Meryl Streep’s Mouth

“I no longer have patience for certain things, not because I’ve become arrogant, but simply because I reached a point in my life where I do not want to waste more time with what displeases me or hurts me. I have no patience for cynicism, excessive criticism and demands of any nature. I lost the will to please those who do not like me, to love those who do not love me and to smile at those who do not want to smile at me.

I no longer spend a single minute on those who lie or want to manipulate. I decided not to coexist anymore with pretense, hypocrisy, dishonesty and cheap praise. I do not tolerate selective erudition nor academic arrogance. I do not adjust either to popular gossiping. I hate conflict and comparisons. I believe in a world of opposites and that’s why I avoid people with rigid and inflexible personalities. In friendship I dislike the lack of loyalty and betrayal. I do not get along with those who do not know how to give a compliment or a word of encouragement. Exaggerations bore me and I have difficulty accepting those who do not like animals. And on top of everything I have no patience for anyone who does not deserve my patience.”


It’s no surprise that this quote got some viral action on Facebook and across the Internet last week. But helping it on its way might have been its attribution: As it was shared again and again in the media and on social media, the quote was put into the mouth  – and paired with photos – of Meryl Streep.


Who doesn’t love a great celebrity quote, especially a wise quote from an older celeb. It confirms one of our favorite myths: That silver hair equals wisdom.

The problem is, this quote is actually from the pen of Portuguese self-help author/life coach José Micard Teixeira – not a woman, and not an elder, but a younger man who is suddenly becoming the “not Streep” Internet celebrity of the month.



On his Facebook page,  Teixeira has asked his followers (a number that’s been growing fast over the past few days!) to visit the pages of people who’ve shared his quote and ask them to set the record straight; among these people are Julian Lennon and singer Janis Ian (165,000 people have liked the quote on Ian’s page and 150,000 people have shared it).

How did this all start? The “Streep” quote appears to have been posted on July 31 by a Romanian blogger who goes by the name of Ioadiceau – a woman who according to her “About” statement appears to be aging with plenty of attitude. “Never forget to be yourself even if it involves risks,” she says (according to Google Translate).


Ioadiceau may have found the quote elsewhere; it was posted on Facebook in mid-July by My Inner World (the Official Site of Tuncluer Textile Industry International Trading Inc. Co.!). But the version posted by Ioadiceau is the one that went viral.

Someone saw Ioadiceau’s Thought for the Day and shared it, and the rest is history. Nobody bothered to check the attribution of the quote.

Ever since the quote’s real author emerged, there’s been a lively discussion on Facebook about whether it even matters who said it – as long as someone said it.

Apparently, there’s a powerful desire to have Meryl Streep attached to this quote – somehow, anyhow. Look for the quote online now, and you’re likely to see the attribution: “Words Meryl Streep lives by.”

Meanwhile a new myth is spreading across the Internet: life coach Teixera is being described in post after post as “the great Portuguese author.”


Does your estimation of a quote about aging depend on who said it? We’d love to see what you think in the comments section below.


109 responses to “How the Internet Put a Powerful Quote in Meryl Streep’s Mouth

  1. When I first read it and its attribution to Streep, I immediately thought of her immense privilege to be able to live her life like this. So many people work in thankless jobs and they’re required to “tolerate” rude (think airlines, restaurants, schools) people in order to keep their jobs. I am relived it was not Streep who made this statement.

      1. I will admit that when I read this post on FB, I was so inspired by it’s words, that I did repost it, w/out checking it’s authenticity. But my infatuation w/ the post had to do with it’s words, NOT Meryl Streep(whom I do respect as an actress). I really do not care who wrote it (but I was glad to see your research into who should get the actual credit; thank you)! I am a going on 69 yrs. old woman & have tried to live my entire life via the Golden Rule. Unfortunately, I am a very sensitive, all too vunerable type of a person. Along the avenues of my life, I have been slapped hard by the realities of so many who are a variety of self-centered, narcissitc, pathological liars. I have tried hard to stay above it & work thru my own hurt by the actions/words of others, as I try to stay true to my beliefs and NOT get pulled down. I suppose I have been a true “Pollyanna” who has been hit one too many times by reality. SO, when I read these words, I rejoiced b/c I WANT to live these words, acquire such an attitude for however many years I have left. I will still hold to my values of respect for others & their opinions, but will hopefully step back/away from those who cross the line. This “life quote” gives me what I need to finally stand up for myself & say “Enough”!

    1. Meryl the Streep didn’t write this essay!!! Jose Michard Teixiera did so why the heck is everyone chirping about her & the essay”
      As for the essay it’s beautiful and if a person comes to that reality where they stand up to how they want their life…great!

  2. We can all agree to disagree. It’s interesting I didn’t see this same attitude towards President Obama. So he didn’t deserve the same respect ?? As American citizens we are entitled to our freedom of speech . She deserves the same consideration . Trump’s infantile response clearly shows he’s not fit for this role. He has been nothing but offensive and decisive . You don’t seem to understand she like every other American has aright to voice their opinion. Hat she said was truthful. Will you deny this ?

  3. Trump is a celebrity who hoodwinked people like you to put him in the highest office in the land . Why does he deserve more respect than the disrespect which was constantly bestowed upon president Obama?? You can not tell me or her who we can and should respect . If this is your choice you do so.

  4. This whole writing is about the setting of boundaries in order to lift ourselves above the mediocrity of unconscious human behaviour. It is about conscious change, as was mentioned. It is about no longer accepting behaviours, words or attitudes that keep us at the lower levels of relationship with our fellows. While some commenters say the ideas expressed are rude, self-centred and intolerant (among others), the ideas are meant to teach and reflect back to others their potential greatness as humans. We don’t have to accept these things in others or ourselves. If we want to live a life of magnificence, we must lift ourselves up and out of the mundane, petty and dramatic. It is not about being judgemental of others it is about informing others of the way you want to be treated, respected. In informing others in a clear and respectful manner, of how we ourselves want to be treated, we teach them that it is not okay. We also may wake them up to their own right to be respected…etc etc etc…..

    1. Meryl Streep is a rude ignorant person. Her little speech ignitated more problems and hatred for our new president.
      She is phony and ignorant about America She speaks about been good to one anothein public and being a bitch in private.
      She is a phoney. Hollywood has been. This is her way to get into the lime light. SAD ,!!

      1. Sam , like yourself Meryl Streep is entitled to express her opinion politically. She has proven her acclaim and accomplishments in the movie and theatrical industry.
        The president elect has clearly demonstrated how ill prepared he is for the office of president and his infantile behavior and antagonistic responses proves how thin skinned he is and his ineptness to be a leader. Once again we can agree to disagree but you cannot deny the endless talent that Miss Streep possesses. I’ m sure she could care less if you like or approve of her – but as American citizens we all have the right to approve and expect professional behavior form the commander in chief.

      2. Sam. This quote has been viral for years and it keeps coming back with a picture of Meryl Streep attached to it. It’s not HER responsibility if someone shares stuff on Facebook and wherever else with one of her public pictures. You don’t have to be offensive. Do you really think that she “stole” a quote from a writer? Like she really needs this. Meryl Streep did NOT start this viral post!!!!

    2. Hey this is the president of the united States she was raised in the era where you suppose to show respect , if you have any class.
      Maybe it is a move for her to be noticed don’t care, she’s just and actress for goodness sakes and I don’t believe they are this great authority in politics stick to acting and I don’t think she was a great actress she just talented like some are I don’t go to any movies just because shes in it, there are a some actresses and actors I do because I know they make good choices , I don’t want an actress telling me what they think and using the media to do it there just ACTORS Honestly you are just people here’s a reality check Meryl don’t to hear and don’t care what you have to say about politics wake up.

  5. People… People. Indeed the writer should be credited for these wise words.
    Like so many others in history, their words are quoted over and over and over for decades.

    The smart people out here SAW QUOTATION MARKS so regardless of whose photo us attached we know it was QUOTED and these aren’t Ms Streeps’ words.

    1. that’s dumb as fuck, man. if i put up a picture of albert einstein and added one of his quotes on top, with or without quotations, you’d think it was said by him. it’s highly misleading. that’s like putting “100% organic” on a pop tart wrapper, including the quotes. are you saying that because there were quotations, smart people would know the pop tarts were just quoting a different product’s claim? dumb as fuck bro

  6. My estimation of a quote does not depend on who said it but which part of truth is in this quote. If so many people like this quote it just means that many people feel like that : with no longer any patience for many things and people.
    One has to start to be egoistic before to turn to compassion and have patience.
    This quote is only a state of mind in a moment of a life and it is not a program neither a wise thought which can enlarge your soul. But I like this truth. Nevertheless, I cannot say that Teixeira became the greatest portugese author… That is an exageration which himself hate it. (excuse for my english because it is not my mother toungue)

  7. The quote is fantastic no matter who said it…age, gender, ethnicity, foes not make a difference. tis great words to live by. I do have to say that I saw that it was not her quote… but it’s the Meryl we know and respect… so whoever. ..thanks for sharing. It is my new mantra

  8. I left a feedback on your website but i don’t know if i’ll get a reply so am copying and pasting it here:

    Please tell me how I can unsubscribe from your website. I have been looking for that command or option but maybe because i use my phone and I am a senior with poor vision, I can’t find it. I don’t mean to be rude but i don’t want to get any more notification every time somebody puts in a comment about Meryl Streep. I am long past that. I have moved on. Besides there is a glut of emails in my inbox as it is. I am sorry that i inadvertently made myself a member when i added a comment. I want out , with all due respect. Thank you.

  9. As a writer, I don’t like to see other writers words misappropriated to other sources. Let credit be given where credit is due.

    If you think otherwise, let me ask you this; what would you say to a song written and sung by one artist being re-recorded by another just because the second artist is more ‘socially known’ or ‘acceptable’, and took credit as if they wrote it.

    This happened in our history, and we fought it. So the same should hold true for writers. We’ve just gotten to the point again where writers are coming back in style, and sharing their words (fiction and fact) with TV and entertainment. Let’s not give us reason to want to run into the dark again.

  10. Direct quote from an Oprah show which had actors interview other actors… I can’t remember now who interviewed Ms. Streep but this was her answer.

    “I am a lucky woman.

    I think that you find your own way.

    You have your own rules.

    You have your own understanding of yourself, and that’s what you are going to count on in the end, what feels right to you.

    Not what your mother told you, not what some actress told you, not what anybody else told you, but you know that still small voice ‘I know that for sure’.

    Beyond that I don’t know and it’s the not knowing that’s the good part.

    To me, mystery is the most beautiful thing.

    The fact that you can’t figure it out.

    That’s it for me. That’s sure.”

    Meryl Streep


  11. I have just re-read this article. One would not be living…a member of the human race….if one followed these thoughts. I don’t want to sit on top of a mountain alone….. communicating with and understanding of another human being is one of the hardest thing to achieve….zoning out is easy…’s.a kop-out.

    1. Carrie…I understand what you are saying &,when I was younger,I felt as you do.And life would have been lonely,dull & boring.But as I approach 7 decades on this planet,I don’t want to waste my energy on people who don’t deserve it or appreciate it.I’ve spent an awful lot of time wanting & worrying….
      I am glad I didn’t live my life thinking this way,but I am also glad I’ve earned the right to do so today.As they say,it is what it is…and I love that saying…

  12. If Teixeira wrote it, it should be properly attributed to him. He is a life coach. That means this is his profession. With writings, photography, artwork, moviemaking, becoming so readily accessible on social media, it is crucial that the credit goes to where it’s due. It’s not only a matter of respect but often also of livelyhood for the artist.

    1. I absolutely agree that Texeira deserves credit for the sentiments quoted…I’m no fan of plagiarism….which we see plenty of.My response was strictly regarding what the quote meant to me.I embrace the words and,as such,it doesn’t matter whose words they are.Strictly personal.I do have to say that I probably wouldn’t have read the piece had Texeira’s face been alongside,simply because I’ve never heard of him,so his philosophy wouldn’t have mattered to me.Maybe,I’ll take notice of him now.So….however it worked in his favour….

  13. Somebody showed this these words with Meryl Streeps picture. I was suspicious right away because these words are very deep and likely not coming from an actress. I am appalled at the words. They show a callous lack of love for other people and come from a completely selfish orientation. They are the antithesis of Christian behavior and thought. And if you will look up Meryl Streep in Wikipedia, you will see she has no religion. She does not pray. Please go and read how Jesus said that Love of God and other people is the highest law.

  14. This situation is incredibly intriguing. My first reaction after reading the words was to embrace Meryl even harder than I already do! I had to read it again days later after liking and sharing it because of the way that it made me feel. Relief, mainly because I have been able to follow some of these beliefs recently and appreciate them for the beauty they convey to one’s self, and the associate good results for everyone :) But now I am so astounded! Not that Meryl stole your words, and failed to fix this situation, but that now I have heard of you I can follow your teachings and learn from you to continue to grow as a person. I hope and pray that you hear from Meryl to set this right also.
    XO, Monique

      1. Just not sure what you mean.I never really thought it was a big deal…I just liked it & wished I could express myself that well.Thanks….

    1. I see why you’ve commented now, I reread what I missed and understand your comments. These are words to live by but not because Meryl 1st presented them to me but because of their intent, her famous face will fade into the background and they message the words conveyed will go on and be practised a lot longer <3 Word up!

      1. Instead of telling me where I missed key the information, Mikey chose to use an indirect comment to direct attention to the fact that I did not interpret the information correctly. I think. Its hard to tell when people infer something and leave the reader to question their intent.

      2. What Mikey is trying to say is that it’s disheartening to observe how many people still connect Meryl Streep to the quote. If you read the article carefully, Meryl never said it and has never acknowledged it, and yet commenters here seem to still think she said it, even after “reading” the article. The whole thing came about because someone mistakenly attributed it to her, probably seeing it alongside a picture of her. It appears that nobody bothers to investigate information before spreading it around. Also, claiming that José Micard Teixeira is “the Great Portuguese Author” is even dumber, implying that because he’s Portuguese and he said something “wise” (though it’s actually rather cynical and mean, if you truly think about what he’s saying), and though they have never heard of him, that he must be some “great author”. It’s embarrassing. Basic critical thinking skills, people. Basic.

    2. I know exactly what Mikey means. He is saying what he means. Reading comprehension – zero. How can people read this article and not realize that Meryl Streep never said this, did not STEAL these words from the original author, that someone somewhere on the internet posted the words and Meryl Streep’s photo, without crediting the author, and that most of the people who read this think it’s a great thing! It’s a harsh way to see people. It’s judgmental and doe snot allow people room to grow. It’s so annoying to me. But if you think the world will be a better place by being purposely mean and rude to others, go for it. It’s about giving up, insulating yourself against a lot of the world, and not being open to anything. Monique Duhanel – how did Meryl “present these words to you?” Warrior Two gets it.

  15. If the quote resonates enough to share, it’s only fair that the original author is credited. And anyone who finds the words, so eloquently written, resonate more for them when associated with a celebrity than an author they aren’t familiar with needs to step away from the gogglebox/ gossip mags/ clickbait sites.

  16. I like the comment…it pretty much says what I am feeling.I don’t really care who said it,although I will admit,I couldn’t see Meryl Streep feeling that way.That did surprise me…Perhaps I was shocked that she could be manipulated…or,at least,that anyone would try…she’s a pretty sharp cookie…

  17. Who cares?? People are so simple. Who wants anyone to get credit for their work? No one wants that, yes it’s about the message but for someone to seriously say who cares who said it, goes to show you probably never created something worth stealing.

  18. Integrity. People apparently find things to be more credulous when one person says it over another person saying it. In the likes of this (and pretty much every other example of this crap) the same people would not have shared it had it not been someone who is viewed as being someone with integrity and credibility.

  19. The question I have, assuming that Meryl Streep browses the internet occasionally, is why she never stepped forward to clarify that this was NOT her quote. This quote did go viral with her photograph attached to it all over social media. She may not have known who actually said it herself. But, she did know that it was not her quote, and she was being given credit for it incorrectly all over the media.

  20. To those who say, “Who cares who said it?”, I say, baloney. The reason people attach celebrity pictures to these viral misquotes and faux-quotes is because people do atttach more weight to something if a celebrity says it. It matters not only because of the lack of credit to the author, but also to the false credit designee, who might well not be the kind of person depicted by the quote. There is a smallness and meanness to this quote that I doubt Meryl Streep subscribes to.

    1. Eu achei o texto excelente e sinto da forma que o autor colocou. E nem por um segundo considero mesquinharia ou pequenez a pessoa entender que viver dessa forma é muito mais saudável, sem perder tempo com coisas que não merecem nosso tempo.

  21. False attribution IS a problem… in world where TRUTH has any value at all. Dignifying psuedo-intellectual sophistic blather by attaching a celebrity’s name to it is also a problem… Had I written and posted this my friends would have shrugged their shoulders and thought I was just being cranky again… but by attaching Meryl Streep’s name it is given a provenance and value the words simply cannot muster on their own.

  22. Re: Streep vs. Teixeira
    I don’t know or “follow” either of these people. One of my “friends” on Facebook posted the statement in question. When I read it, my first thought was “Good grief, someone has been prying into my mind!” I do not have the command of language it would take to say this but it certainly sums up my feelings. I just turned 70 and I am becoming more philosophical. It does not matter to me who said it originally. It is now my mantra. Thank you to whoever coined it.

  23. Who cares who said it. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the content, the truth of it. Obviously the author of the quote wants credit for it since it’s gone viral, but to the rest of us who have or would post and share, it doesn’t matter if Streep, Picasso, or a Portuguese man said it.

    1. Who cares? You would certainly care if you were the author of the words and someone else got credit. The article isn’t challenging the power of the quote, it’s just challenging the misinformation of the internet. Would it be ok if a passage from “To Kill a Mockingbird” was credited to William Shatner?

    2. Truth has objective value, and frankly even this quote has a slight ring of self-centered, short-sighted selfishness to it, while 95% of it hits being honest and limiting your closest relationships to those who will reciprocate equally. Life would be dull and I would be selfish if I were to only include those “at my level” in every area, and if I were excluded from the lives of my mentors.

      Collectibles have highly subjective value. For those who people worship, the origin of said quote is essential to the task of assigning value. For example, a scratched and tattered record and jacket of his first album signed by Elvis you would likely find more valuable to you than a picture that some old lady painted. But if the record won’t play and if the painting was done well by your great-great-grandmother and is the only existing likeness of your heroic great-great-great-great-grandfather John Paul Jones, then in your perspective the values are reversed from how other people are likely to see them.

      Personally, IF this ought to be subjective, I’d place more value in the words of a life-coach than from some actress, one of those two deals with real life while the other merely with script and screen. I’m living life, not playing a part.

    3. I think that affluent White people, male and female, get enough credit for things they have not said or done in America already. So, not necessarily faulting Streep here. But, lesson learned. Do not automatically trust all information presented on social media as being accurate. Always check, question, and verify your sources.
      Yes, it does matter who said, did, or did not say or do anything.

  24. It is a very lovely quote, and I never believed it was Streep’s as she is not particularly quotable and overated (she must be a cult leader lol).
    It just sums up a person who doesn’t want to waste any precious life minutes.
    And it is very odd to say you love everyone with a user name like Artemis…the Goddess of Vengeance and many other things :-)

  25. Not that great of a post in my opinion. Here was my reply when a friend shared it : ” She’s missing a key fact, which is that by refusing to share her goodwill with those she deems ‘unworthy’, she is feeding the things she doesn’t want instead of those that she does. When I became happiest was when I just said “fuck it, I love everyone whether they like it or want it.”

  26. I happen to enjoy the quote. And, I would have been bored to death if left in a room with so many super educated literary experts such as those posting their comments here. Knock yourselves out correcting my grammar, punctuation, choice of reading material, etc. Now turn your attention to EBOLA, ISIS and other minor problems threatening our world. * Well said, Jose Micard Teixeira. Like Meryl, I too am Aging with Attitude.

  27. I thought it was unusual for Meryl Streep, but enjoyed reading it…until the line “I believe in a world of opposites and that’s why I avoid people with rigid and inflexible personalities.” For that to make sense, it would have to be “I DO NOT believe…” That started me questioning if she actually said this.

    I don’t like when things are attributed to famous people to lend them credence. Words of wisdom can stand on their own. Lying about who said or wrote them attaches lying energy to the words. That I greatly dislike.

    1. . “I believe in a world of opposites.Thats why I avoid people with rigid personalities”.
      Of course the above sentence makes sense. What it means is that there are opposite /opposing factors in this world .So people with rigid (meaning inflexible /intolerable/not willing to see different/opposing views than their own) will not tolerate other views or have poor tolerance for them.
      Saying “I DONT believe instead of i believe in tbe above sentence wouldnt make sense.

  28. It was weird. I saw this posted by a few people. The first time I read it… I swear… in my head I said… ” she really said that? That doesn’t sound like her at ALL.” , I was kind of validated when I found out it wasn’t her words after all. I was also comforted. It just didn’t sound like her at all. I love her work and she is so funny. I imagined something a little more witty. This quote just didn’t feel like HER, at least not to ME. WE go way back you know ;) !!!

  29. Thanks José Micard Teixeira for setting the world straight on this. Yes, I believe we should give credit where credit is due, but mistakes do happen – and rapidly on social media. I don’t think it was Meryl Streep’s picture and /or relationship to the words that made this go viral. It was the sentiment. Perhaps you were hurt by the fact that it was attributed to a middle-aged female, and not a robust sexy young man. Nevertheless, you should take this as a compliment and not dwell on the complaint. Your words are awesome and YOU know who wrote them (and now so does everyone else). Nice meeting you.

  30. It is when read slowly and carefully a very negative statement that almost sounds positive – but contains so much negativity that I wonder first if Meryl shouldn’t be fighting back for being linked to this negative quote and secondly if the author himself isn’t the one who started this hoopla – he certainly came down hard and like gangbusters on Janis Ian who had innocently posted the quote as it gave credit to Meryl – he acted as if she (Janis) broke every law in the book – I would certainly think twice about choosing him as a life coach – his anger and reaction over this is filled with anger and self justification – sorry not someone I’d want to take life lessons from try Janis or Meryl they seem to live good lives imitating them couldn’t harm you

  31. I think this is a terrible quote! It condemns those who are intolerant but shows the author to be steeped in intolerance. I am surprised that Meryl Streep isn’t making a fuss about having this quote attributed to her. I certainly would not want it attributed to me!

  32. Seriously…of course knowing the author has something to do with the way I process the quote, BUT it has nothing to do with the value I place on it in my own world. If it’s worth its weight, I retain it…If not, it’s quickly forgotten.

  33. Guilty. I shared this quote from “faux Meryl” on my personal Facebook page, my Stilettosat60 Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter…you name it.
    And guilty because I didn’t stop to think that the attitudes were negative or may not fit with the Meryl I have heard in interviews each day.

    I am a former journalist and i was trained to check sources. Like so many, I have gotten lazy lazy lazy…see something interesting and it’s so easy to hit the share button that I no longer do my personal due diligence to make sure what I am sharing is actually a verified quote.

    This is a great lesson learned and I think the point I am going to ponder is the last point on the post,” Does your estimation of a quote about aging depend on who said it?”

    In this case, absolutely!

  34. It says “I have no patience for cynicism and excessive criticism”, but every sentence in this quote contains a negative word (no, do not) and every sentence is a criticism for other people who are perhaps different from the author or are kind of people who the author doesn’t like. Certainly the quote is from a younger man rather than a woman with silver hair (wisdom).

  35. Some of these comments are pretty stupid! What do you want to do about quoting from the Bible…huh? Words are written to make statements…whether you believe it or not…words to think by, to think of, to imagine doing, being….the instigator of the words only matters if they hurt.

  36. Brillant….. as a 60 year female ….. this is exactly how I view MY life…. I wish I had such a gift with WORDS!!!!! Thank you Meryl…. Maturity …. having an open mind throughout your life…is a gift….. leads to contentment!!!

    1. Amen, I agree with you wholeheartedly.I saw nothing negative about the article. In fact, being in my late 50’s I tend to agree with whomever the article was written by. Who has time for nonsense? Keep on writing author, just take credit and not put words into the mouth of someone that’s innocent!!

  37. I believe that as we mature we can more easily stand on our own and honor our truths without dishonoring the truths of others. It is easier to agree to disagree and to do it with grace. This is the gift of maturity, growing older wisely and graciously.

  38. It is amazing how quickly others will latch onto and identify with words, thoughts and ideas that they believe originated from a valued source, regardless of the level of toxic infectiousness of the message embedded in the quote. I continue to take an unpopular position towards the message relayed to the masses by this quote. ” Agreed <3 These words are powerful in that they concisely sum human behavior up for the reader to ponder. Therein lies the power of this statement; an opportunity to ponder our choices of behaviors as human beings. Behaviors are choices. But to see the writers choice as beautiful is to believe that to arrive at the place of a me-centered universe is beautiful. It is only in a me-centered universe where the qualities of intolerance, non-acceptance, impatience, judgement, avoidance and hate can survive. Sad! I love Meryl Streep too. It sounds like someone needs love..<3 ." In fact, it seems like we all need love. Considering that many of us are willing to accept and embrace this quote regardless of who said it, or even that the original author's intent seemed to be to denounce exaggerations, manipulations, betrayals and dishonesty… which are the methods through which this quote went viral. — Anue Nue—

    1. I am an avid Meryl Streep fan and through all the years and all the interviews I have seen her do, and interviews of others she has worked with or knows personally, I have never seen her display the attitude this quote evokes. Quite the opposite…she is kind, gracious and magnanimous and everyone loves her and is in awe of her. So this is a shamed because this message, is not what I would consider positive or words to live by, but words to alienate others with. Where’s the LOVE?

      1. This writer was very clever in replacing alienation for love and packaging neatly enough for the masses to see the beauty on the outside while missing the ugliness wrapped inside.

        The funny thing is that a large percentage of human beings have not yet even acknowledged that these are not the words of Meryl Streep. :(

    1. Absolutely it matters. I have a friend who never quotes a source but rewords stuff so she looks like she this great quoter or motivator. Just quote the author, it’s still plagiarism because I can find the quotes. It’s internet hoaxing to get more likes by adding a celebrity to it.

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