How Can I Make Things Look Bigger on My Tablet or Smartphone

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A few months ago, we showed you how to make the text bigger on your computer screen (click here if you missed it). If you use a smartphone or tablet you can increase the text size on that, too, so that it’s easier to read. All you have to do is go into the settings.

Follow the steps below for both iPhones and Android phones; use the same steps to change settings on an iPad or Android tablet.


Increase Text Size on iPhones and iPads

1. Go to your settings by tapping on the icon that looks like this:



2. On the next screen, look for the same icon in the left column and tap “General”



3. Scroll to the bottom and tap on “Accessibility”



4. Choose “Large Text” from the menu on the next screen and tap “Off.”



5. You’ll be taken to this screen:


You can now choose from several larger text sizes to increase the font size in your email, contacts, calendar, text messages, and notes.

6. If you want to increase the text size while you’re browsing the Internet, go back to Step 4 and click “Zoom” on. Now, by tapping three times on your screen while you’re browsing, you’ll zoom in; drag your three fingers across the screen to increase the zoom and tap three times again to go back to normal view.


Increase Text Size on Android Phones and Tablets

1. Start by tapping “Apps” and then “Settings”

2. Select “Display” from the list of options.

3. Toward the bottom of the screen, you’ll see “Font Size”

4. To increase your font size, select “Large” or “Huge”

Your contacts, text messages, and applications will now be larger and easier to read.

Click here to watch a how-to YouTube video.

If you’re interested in seeing how Tommy Edison, who is completely blind, uses his phone’s accessibility settings to take pictures and upload them to Instagram, click here.

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12 responses to “How Can I Make Things Look Bigger on My Tablet or Smartphone

      1. On my Samsung galaxy android tablet I have huge size print ĺisted, but on this particular email the print is small. Why is not the print huge.?

    1. My Galaxy has zoom and font sizes which I use, but when I go to YouTube or go to browser, or search bar fonts are small. How do I make it stay in large or huge. Even in the box where you ask me to put my name and email address, both name and email are very small, why?

      1. Hi Debby! When using our website, we have an accessibility widget (bottom, right corner) that can do lots of different functions to make your reading experience more enjoyable such as enlarge text. Here’s our article on how to learn to use it:

        As for using other websites, we advise calling our tech hotline at 920-666-1959 and one of our trainers can walk you through how to zoom in and out on your device.

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