How Can I Get Photos Out of My Cell Phone and Onto My Computer?

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One of the advantages of a smartphone is that the phone’s features make it super-easy to get pictures that you took out of the phone and onto a computer’s hard drive.

That’s not the case with feature phones (click here to read Wikipedia’s entry on the “feature phone“). And so while it’s fun to be able to snap photos with your phone while you’re out or visiting friends, you might feel frustrated when you realize these photos are stuck in your phone!

Here’s how to free them.

Your cell phone probably looks something like this.


I’m going to show you how to email your photos to your own email account so that you can then download them to your computer’s hard drive.

1. Hit the OK button in the center of your phone to bring up the menu, which typically looks like this:


2. Hit the OK button again and open the Media Center, which looks like this:


3. Use the downward arrow below the OK button to scroll down to “2. Pictures”


4. Hit the OK button again, and you will see this screen:


5.  You’ll notice that the first picture in the upper left hand corner is selected (it is outlined with a rectangular border). If you want to select a different picture, use the left, right, up or down arrows around the OK sign to select and outline the picture you want to get from the phone onto your computer.

6. Once you have made your selection, choose “Options.” To do so, select the bar just above and to the right of the OK sign.

7.  Under “Options,” select “send” and hit the OK button; then this screen opens:


8.  “Picture Message” should already be selected and highlighted, so hit OK again and the following screen opens:


9. “Send” is already highlighted, so hit the “OK” button, and a set of tiny address bars opens; in the first one you should enter your own email address (you can also add email addresses for other people in the fields below).


10. If you’ve been sending text messages, you’ll know that typing text and symbols can be a tricky on older model phones. Here’s how to get started: Note the lower left-hand corner of your screen—you want to see “Abc” or “ABC,” which indicates that the phone key pad is ready to accept your input of alphabetic characters or numerals, so you can write your email address.


If the lower left-hand corner reads “123” or “symbols,” just hit the bar to the upper left of the OK button. This opens up “entry mode”; use the arrows around the OK button and scroll to select up “Abc”; hit the OK button.

11. Now you’re ready to type your email address. To select letters, tap the key that contains the letter you want until that letter appears in the address bar. For example, for the letter “b” tap the “2abc” key twice; for the letter c, tap it three times; after a brief pause the phone will automatically move a space and you can type in the next letter. For the @ symbol, hit key “1” twice; to write a period, as in “aol(dot)com,” hit the “1” key once.

If you make a mistake, hit the key marked “CLR” to the right of the “OK” button to clear characters.

12. Once you’ve entered your address  (no need to write in the “text box) hit “OK” and then “send.”


When you next open your email inbox, you’ll see the mail you sent yourself, with the photo as an attachment.

To get a step-by-step on how to download an attachment form an email to your computer’s hard drive, click here.

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