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Holiday GIFS for You!

The GIF (or Graphics Interchange Format) is an image file made of several related pictures (the branch image below is made of 23 pictures) layered in an endless loop.  However you pronounce it (like the peanut butter or with a hard ‘g” – the debate still rages!) they can be a magical addition to an email, be it hearts, fireworks or winter scenes.

You can copy any of the GIFs below into your own emails or just enjoy the show.







photo: © Allen McGregor
photo: © Allen McGregor

To copy a GIF, just right-click with your mouse over the image and select “save image.” Then open a new email form, write your message, and add your image as an attachment.

Happy holidays!



5 responses to “Holiday GIFS for You!

  1. Here’s to being a Senior! Quite an accomplishment to having lived ones life into seniordom. Do think perspective towards being senior being brought to light helps and thank you for the GIFs to send about via email!

  2. I’m so grateful for Senior Planet and so happy I found it. I recommend it to all my senior friends. My local senior center changed its name because they felt the word “Senior” was a negative term. I love being a senior. I waited all my life to be a senior. Some people don’t live long enough to be one. Thank you to Tom Kamber and all the Senior Planet Team and its affiliates. During this pandemic, I’d be lost without you.

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